10 effective way to quickly increase your online sales in 2020

The age of advancement in technology has rapidly shifted the gear for business organizations. The traditional door to door approach might not bring enough sales to attract thousands of customers to your business. Millions of business owners are using online platforms to sell their goods and services. The increase in competition in a similar niche business and strong market authority of big companies might discourage starters or fairly new business owners. However, instead of giving up, a few pushes might bring your business right back on track. Based on market research, industry expert’s opinion and trends, we have come up with 10 effectual ways to boost up your online sales in 2020.

1) Have a user-friendly website

Having a responsive and user-friendly website is vital for any small or big corporation. Small businesses solely focus on selling their product but they tend to forget about the user experience. As a result, visitors get frustrated with low-quality user interface and look out the desired product somewhere. More than 50 per cent of total website traffic comes from mobile devices, so optimize accordingly. The average CTR for Google search ads on mobile is 4.1 % which is close to 1 per cent higher than desktop ads. Try optimizing your website image, CSS and javascript to improve your site’s loading speed. If your website’s speed is not lightning, you might lose customers.

2) Always speak the truth

Never try to exaggerate about your product or services. This will not only hurt your reputation but will also diminish the chances of gaining customers’ and followers’ loyalty. Your exaggeratory marketing might make an initial profit but will leave negative reviews that might hamper in the long run. Never guarantee something you can’t achieve. Always be honest and transparent while sharing the benefits of your services and products.

3) Use Social Media

Every business needs to have a social media presence to market its content, products, and story. Users love checking online reviews and how responsive your business is. Social media also helps you gain authority in the online market. Take full advantage of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to advertise your products and boost your sales. If your business deals with Women’s fashion or Women related products focus marketing on Pinterest as the number of female users are higher compared to male. No matter what your brand is, boosting your online sales and establishing strong market authority and loyalty might be a big challenge that you should be ready to take and tackle.

4) Pop-ups and Offers

Just adding your products and services to your online store does not guarantee a good amount of sales. With search engine optimization, you can attract organic visitors and buyers. The bottom line of starting an online business is to increase sales and profit. You can come up with a brilliant idea to create a real sense of urgency. Add a pop-up to your website and provide an exclusive discount for a rather short period of time. On average pop-up offers have a 3.1 percent conversion rate. Your pop-ups and offers should not be distracting but  rather be presented as a gift.

5) Search Engine Optimization

SEO has been the talk of the town for the past couple of years. Creating a stunning

website with proper UI and navigation does not guarantee sales, although it plays a keyrole. In order to attract visitors to your online store, you need your website to be found on the internet. Optimize your website content to be search engine friendly. Add attractive headlines, Meta descriptions, and tags on your online web portal. You might not rank higher for the competitive keywords during the early stage but you can target long-tail keywords with low competition. There are few free tools available on the internet where you can research keywords and measure their volumes. If you are using WordPress, Yoast SEO might be the biggest weapon you could be looking for.

6) Add Attractive images

Images of your product or services make them more tangible and realistic to your visitors and a powerful sales tool. Use attractive and responsive images that can be clear and visible in both mobile and desktop devices. Don’t forget to use an alt image on your product. Adding an alt image will increase your search engine ranking to an extent. Don’t forget to compress your uploaded image, if not the load time for your site might increase.

7) Use Testimonial to add social proof

Improving your testimonials is one of the best ways to increase social proof and authority among customers. Make sure your testimonial section is not just throwing high-level praise, make them short and focused. Don’t forget to add photos or logos to make your testimonial believable.

8) Add Security to your website

Security has always been the major challenge of the digitized world. You ever notice “not secured” on the slug of any website. Those sites don’t have SSL which means there is a huge chance of getting your credentials stolen. Your web server might provide you free SSL or use Cloudflare for a free SSL certificate. Simple adding SSL to your website automatically adds an extra layer of security and really helps with a trust seal.

9) Build an Email-list and use email marketing

My top piece of advice would be to work continuously towards growing your email list. Many startup companies are so focused on Facebook, Google, and other social media, ignoring the great value of email marketing. The major advantage of email marketing is that it supports repeated purchases. Providing exclusive discounts to subscribers and your followers Encourages your customers to come back. Email marketing might be a traditional method but It still is the most reliable and cost-effective.

10) Content Marketing

Content marketing is a great, wonderful and powerful way to earn attention and authority. Almost every company in the world has a blog section where interactive content, lifestyle storytelling content, and communication content are written. B2B sector mainly focuses on “how-to” or “Top 5” format because it works very well. However, in the case of eCommerce websites, storytelling content works the best. Content marketing not only includes text and blog post but also videos, images, and gifs.

In a nutshell, Digital Marketing is nothing but the utilization of digital technology to achieve marketing objectives. The main challenge for most businesses is that it is multi-faceted; you need experts who are experienced and skilled in each area of digital marketing – SEO, Social media marketing and PPC. Digital Marketing is time-consuming, but the end result will be fruitful.