4 Tips to Help You Discover Your Dream Career Path

By Hayriye Simay Tunçkılıç

“Follow your passion” is one of the most common career advices in today’s business world. However, discovering the passions within ourselves might not be as easy as it seems. Well, what if you don’t really know what they are?


“Follow your passion” is one of the most common career advices in today’s business world. However, discovering the passions within ourselves might not be as easy as it seems. Well, what if you don’t really know what they are?

Not knowing what your passions is indeed a problem not only for people who are just at the beginning of their careers but also for the people who wasted their years in some jobs that did not really interest them. In that case, it is much easier to get stuck in dull and unsatisfactory routines. The author of the book entitled Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, suggests that it is fear, ambition, and personal egos that prevent us from discovering the passions lying within ourselves.

Besides, people are afraid of trying new things, experiencing new adventures, and eventually neglect their true-self while being too ambitious. Yet, we can all be in this situation from time to time… Thus, four tips may help you discover your passions and make a career choice based on your passions.

1) Ask This 3 Questions to Yourself

Actually, discovering your passions might be much easier than you thought. If you frankly answer the 3 questions below for yourself, you can decide much easier on what you really want to do for the rest of your life.

On what subject would I read 500 books without boredom?

What would I do as a hobby for 5 years without getting paid?

What would I be doing if I was completely prosperous financially?

2) List the Things You Cannot Tolerate

It sounds weird, isn’t it? Well, not at all, it really is not! Believe it or not, making a list of things that you cannot tolerate to do and eliminating them will help you realize your real passion much clearly. This realisation will also help you define your dream career path.

Moreover, an honest listing of a few people whose jobs you envy can give you some insights regarding what you really want from your dream career and future life. Hence, do research on the background of the people whose careers you envy and try finding out about common points. Perhaps, your passion is among the points of your list 🙂

3) Generate Brand New Things

If you want to find your true passions, you should generate new things! Besides, people become passionate when they start new projects or jobs from the scratch.

When you generate something new, you will also generate news things that you will become passionate about. This can be handcrafted, a short story, or a blog page to create some content. However, you should forget the importance of success at this point. If you see that you have only 5 followers on your blog you created 5 years ago, you probably are not be that passionate about it anymore. Yet, if you see that your followers have reached 500k, you could consider turning this passion into your career. Thus, when you do create something new, do not neglect the success and act on it 🙂 It will help you bring your passion alive.

4) Find the Things That You Are Ordinary In

Most people become experts in the areas in which they are pretty ordinary, even if they do not have extraordinary capabilities in one particular area. Do not be sad if you think that you are ordinary since you too can realize your hidden passions at the point where all your ordinary skills complement each other.

Consider that you are an average artist and have a socially acceptable sense of humour. Perhaps, you cannot get into a high-qualified art school, but you can be a very eminent caricaturist. You might even put yourself on an exceptional career path. Along with that, think about an ordinary Business student who has little coding skills and a bit of Sales & Marketing skills. This person might surprisingly be fit for the positions where she/he can be a leader to the people who are much more capable in that particular area than him/her.

Always keep in mind that many successful people are most passionate about what they do, and they can never be defined by only one skill.


We all try to find the passions lying within ourselves, and everyone says that we should all follow our passions. However, it is not as easy as it seems, we need motivations to discover them and create our true career path.

This week, I suggested 4 tips that might help you discover your passions and create your dream career. If you do not want to waste your years doing boring things, try applying them because you will never know unless you try 🙂

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