4 Ways to Increase Your Audience Engagement on Your Page

There are millions of bloggers and business organizations that are getting little to no traffic on their website. However, there are few businesses or bloggers who are getting traffic but not getting enough engagement. The longer you have people viewing your pages, the more time you also need to convince, convert, and connect with them. There are some ways of getting people to stick around on your website or blog. Here are a few ways to increase the Audience engagement on your page

1. Add Video

The rise of YouTube and people’s interest in videos has been the main reason behind the rise of video content. Videos serve as a lure to draw people to your website. If you have embedded an attractive video on your content of two minutes, visitors will remain on-site for those two minutes and more. You can start creating video content on YouTube today, it’s totally free.

2. Create Better Content

Length isn’t the only factor in capturing people’s attention and increasing engagement. Yes, long content tends to perform better than short content but if the longer content does not provide user’s query than they will bounce away from your website. Content should amaze, inspire and educate your viewers, but it should never be off the top or boring. Just don’t limit your content to text. Video, podcasts, images, and GIFS can provide you a boost for your strategy to capture the reader’s attention.

3. Improve your site navigation

Navigation can make or break the overall performance of your website when it comes to maintaining, engaging and moving visitors through the conversion funnel. In order to improve your site navigation follow these procedures:

  • Divide category clearly
  • Make all navigations elements clickable links
  • Use precise navigation titles
  • Make sure your search feature works

4) Decrease website load time

“More than 83 percent expect a web page to load in 3 seconds or less and more than 40 percent of visitors abandon a web page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.” If your websites load slowly, visitors are forced to wait for the content to load may be tired and are forced to exit on other sites. Use Pingdom and Gtmetrix to test your loading speed. In order to reduce website loading speed, optimize your website images, use CDN, GZIP your content, minify CSS and JS and choose good web hosting service.

Time on site remains an important metric. By improving the basics of your website, such as insightful and focused content, you will naturally improve all SEO facets including dwelling time.

After learining these 4 ways to increase the audience engagement on your page, take action and try them out!