5 Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Strategy Might Not be Working

Today, almost every big business you’ve ever heard about has some form of content marketing strategy. Just because most marketers understand the importance of marketing materials doesn’t mean that they know how to get it right. Among millions of business blogs, only 9 percent of marketers feel their effort is very effective. This means there are countless companies trying to figure out what’s taking their strategy towards a different path. When you think with your content marketing efforts, you’re doing everything right, but still don’t see any results, the following issues may be to blame. 

1. You haven’t adjusted your strategy .

If you want to succeed, you need to know exactly what to do to get from one point to another. Sometimes a great marketing strategy without any kind of direction can take you down a great turning path. A good content marketing strategy should always begin with proper goals. Identify what metrics are relevant to you in terms of views, traffic, shares, conversions, and click-through rates over the course of months. You need to spend quality time in this to get better results. In addition to this, you should have the information that helps you evolve and adapt, based on the things that are working great for you. If you hiring someone or content marketing agencies to produce content, then you should come up with a strategy that your team will execute.

2. You wrote but forgot to promote

A lot of marketers today think of content marketing simply as the process of creating content and publishing it. Just keeping it on your website does not guarantee traffic from Google and other media. Content Creating is only one of the aspects of content marketing. There are plenty of ways to promote your content. Sharing your content on multiple social media channels allows you to reach hundreds and thousands of people. In addition to this, make sure your content is easily sharable for readers. If you’re not focused on promotion, your strategy needs to be adjusted and refine your focus.

3. Your content is not praiseworthy

The problem with content sometimes isn’t that it is badly advertised or has no strategy. Sometimes, content just is not praiseworthy. I have walked that road hundreds of times and still do. I just push myself harder to produce qualitative content which not only answers visitor’s questions but also generates social share. Most of the time paying 15-20 bucks for the 2,000-word article isn’t going to give you the quality you’re looking for. Just don’t publish content for the sake of publishing. Make your content engaging, informative, fun, and focused.

4. Unrealistic expectation

Content Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint, expecting outstanding results within a matter of weeks or even a couple of months is sometimes unrealistic. You have to offer the content you produce to gain attraction and deliver some organic results. If you’re willing to be patient, then the rewards will begin to be seen. You should always be positive but also realistic. Sometimes you might not receive a high volume of traffic. However, small changes to your result can have a massive impact. Sometimes looking for gradual improvement rather than overnight success might be a great idea.

5. Improvement in SEO

There is no competition between SEO and content marketing, instead, the two work in a cooperative partnership together. If you’re producing content but have weak SEO, then you might not even create content. No-one will find it. If you feel you need improvement on SEO, hire an SEO consultant or agencies (Directive, Neil Patel and MOZ) to conduct a thorough audit. Then, you can produce content with great confidence.

There are plenty of businesses benefitting from content marketing, and you could fix your company’s problem simply by taking small steps and figuring out where you need to rethink your strategy.