6 Best Books and Films for Successful Entrepreneurship

By Hayriye Simay Tunçkılıç

Despite its glorious aspect, becoming an enterprising person is not an easy feat. Successful entrepreneurship requires determination, and of course experience. Indeed, becoming a successful entrepreneur would perhaps scare you just because you do not have enough experience. If you are looking for some advice, then I have something right for you!

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

Walt Disney


In this week’s article, I wanted to start with a fairly inspiring quote from Walt Disney to motivate you. Dreams are an essential part of the success of entrepreneurship. However, there is one more thing you need; the advice of some experienced entrepreneurs… they are like gems, find and hear them out!

Well, perhaps I can help you if you seek some advice. I have selected 3 inspiring books and 3 films for you to discover your path to success in business life as an entrepreneur. These will be not only guide you but will also convey the essence of business life. You may also find the advice you have been looking for!

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

This book inspires those who would like to have an insightful entrepreneurship journey.

As Elon Musk said, this book is “Quite Interesting.” I have also read this book, and there is so much more than just “interesting.”

The biography of Steve Jobs was written in 2011, only before his death. Jobs himself wanted the book to be written, and this already shows how willing he was to guide others to success.

The book is based on the interviews of Jobs himself, and the sincere information shared by his family, friends, colleagues, as well as rivals on his journey of creating Apple. Considering all the things revealed in the book, this book is my nominee to be a classic for those who want to be in the realm of entrepreneurship! This is for sure that the book will change your life forever as well as teach you the basics of becoming an achieving entrepreneur.

The Entrepreneur Mind by Kevin D. Johnson

Starting your day with positive thoughts is one of the keys to success. If you are surrounded with negative thoughts all day, it is no doubt that the rest will be wasted.

In his book, Johnson wants to convey his insights and help the entrepreneurs-to-be to have a positive mindset on their journey to success. He suggests a variety of ways to mold the mindsets to start an agile business life, and progress within the framework of ups and downs in life.

Speaking of ups and downs, starting a business and developing it will not always be easy, you might end up with too many scars. However, this book will back you to get up and start again. I would therefore recommend you to start reading it, let positive vibes flow inside you!

The Startup of You: Adapt to the Future, Invest in Yourself, and Transform Your Career by Reid Hoffman

Well, it’s time to dive into the minds of social media creators! Co-founder and chairman of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman, tells us about the ways to manage in business life.

We always assume that a person has only one occupation, but is it really true? Not really, you can still work part or full-time and try developing your business. I admit that it may be a barrier to your entrepreneurial life leading to some lack of focus, since you already have a superior to explain to. The good news is, this book already knows that and is set to help you!

There is more than that! This book will guide you to think like an entrepreneur, and this surely will amplify your focus as well as motivation in challenging times. Even if you work for someone else, you can still have an entrepreneurial mindset through your focus and motivation.

Lastly, the book will help you acknowledge what employers are actually looking for in an employee during hiring. If your business grows bigger, you would like to hire best ones after all 🙂 This book is definitely a “Win-Win”, so why don’t you grab it and take a step toward successful entrepreneurship? Advice is free!

The Social Network by David Fincher (2010)

Facebook has changed the way we live, and it has over 1 billion users worldwide. Yet, have you ever wondered what’s behind the scenes? If yes, The Social Network is just for you to understand what entrepreneurship really means and what it takes to become a one.

This movie shows us the story of how Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook while studying at Harvard and how he was later sued by two brothers who claimed that he stole their idea, and his best friend who was ousted from the company.

The Social Network is worth watching, it indeed shows that even the biggest businesses have small beginnings. This is one of the significant lessons that entrepreneurs-to-be should learn, you also will have a small beginning, and many obstacles to be faced with. Yet, who knows the rest?

The Wolf of Wall Street by Martin Scorsese (2013)

This movie is for Leonardo DiCaprio fans!

The movie basically tells about Jordan Belfort‘s rise and fall as an entrepreneur, and shows how his firm is engaged in penny stock trading and securities scam, drawing the attention of the FBI.

Based on the true story of Jordan Belfort, The Wolf of Wall Street shows us how an entrepreneur should NOT be. He is the perfect (!) example for those who wonder about the features of an entrepreneur. You will see that Belfort has the utmost greed, shows no empathy towards people, and maintains his life in extravagance. His traits eventually lead to his downfall and bankruptcy.

With excellent performances by DiCaprio and Margot Robbie, this movie reminds us which traits we should embrace for successful entrepreneurship. A couple of advice on business life as well as a massive series of laughter are definitely guaranteed!

The Founder by John Lee Hancock (2016)

Our last movie is The Founder, which is biopic of Ray Kroc, a rich business man. The movie tells us the story of his creation of McDonald’s fast-food restaurant chain, which became the biggest restaurant business in the world.

Indeed Kroc has been a controversial figure in the entrepreneurial realm. However, I think that his journey is quite interesting for the entrepreneurs-to-be. He takes a journey from a travelling milkshake mixer salesman to a transformer of McDonald’s into a global franchise, and he makes it the most successful fast food company in the world. This is already inspirational.

This biopic shows us the rise of one of America’s most influential businessmen and perhaps one of the most acknowledged fast food brands in the world. In addition to Michael Keaton’s spectacular acting, this movie is absolutely fit for those who would like to learn about how to start and grow a business. This biopic will also give some hints on what to do when you struggle with obstacles.


In this week’s article, I wanted to inspire you by suggesting some books and films on entrepreneurship to add to your watchlist. Indeed, entrepreneurship is hard and requires devotion. Yet, getting up and learning lessons from the mistakes require experience.

A series of experiences will lead you to success, but you need some advice to acknowledge. The books and films I suggested can help you make your entrepreneurial journey stronger, more committed, and even funnier! But first, believe in yourself, may the suggestions be inspirations for you! Stay safe and enjoy them inside. See you next week!

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