6 questions To Ask Your Intern #1 – Daniele Montalbano

Meet Daniele Montalbano – the first intern that has appeared at Luxembourg Slovenia Business Club with the beginning of the year. Daniel is giving us his feedback after spending two months as an HR Intern at LSBC, creating the structure of the company. Find more about what was the career path of Daniele after this experience and what kind of values can give you an internship at LSBC.

Why did choose to apply for an internship at Luxembourg Slovenian Business Club?

I have applied for this internship as I wanted to have an experience abroad, following the most modern method as working from home and try an interesting and stimulating job experience

How do you find the experience that you gained during that time?

It was interesting. We discussed ideas, things to do and how and I have acquired all the necessary knowledge in order to satisfy what we consider essential needs.

Are there any benefits of choosing the internships instead of a regular job? What is your opinion?

An internship is much more relaxed and you have less pressure from your employer.

What was challenging for you as an intern?

To find a method, apply this method in order to produce something and build a future plan for the company.

What is your career path after that?

First I have worked in IT as Data Analyst, then in Real Estate as Real Estate Lease Analyst

Do you think that internship at LSBC helped you in your future career?

Yes, it helped me a lot in term of showing that I left the comfort zone to move to Slovenia, in a totally different environment and in a small reality like NGO one.