7 rules on how to build a team in a beginner startup

A key element in the success of your business is the team. Each member of the team must be carefully approved, especially if you are just starting your business. LSBC has formulated its 7 rules on how to build a team in a beginner startup.
1. If you are just starting a business, do not look for the “first circle” of people on recruiting resources.
People should come to you, whose motivation now is NOT to find a new job, but to work for you, believing in your product and making it a billion-dollar business.

2. The core of the project (key people making key strategic decisions) should be no more than 5 people.
Remember, the more key people, the longer any decisions are made, because you need to listen to everyone and, as a result, agree on a common vision.

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3. Collecting the core of the project, encircle yourself with people with different competencies.
You will never do anything if there are three marketing specialists at the core of the project, but none of the technology.

4. Collect in the core of people with different temperaments. Some choleric persons or melancholic people will never be able to agree or move the project.

5. Try not to have a lot of charismatics in the core of the project. They are guaranteed to begin to clash for power and attention. As a result, your project will be divided into several hostile camps, which is very dangerous.

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6. Work more than others.
The whole story about “working not 12 hours, and head” – these are tales of startups, invented THEN when the business has already taken place. Nothing demotivates the team more than a founder who skips the speeches and does not work on the product.

7. Praise.
Find real reasons (let small ones) and praise people. It does not just improve your karma. This allows you to underpay people (sorry for cynicism).

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