7 Simple Ways to Go Green in Your Business

By Katie Kabat

Undoubtedly, turning your business eco friendly is an important and sound investment. Moreover, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune and is beneficial to the environment, your business, and your clients. Here are 7 easy ways to keep your business green and growing.

1. Make Green Thinking a Part of your Company Culture

Firstly, integrate green thinking into the way your company runs. Your employees should engage in creating efficient goals and celebrating the success. So, ask yourself: How can you measure your savings? How can your green mission enhance your community or serve your customers better? Get ideas and inputs from your employees and in turn they will embrace your new goals.

2. Eliminate Plastic Bottles

In 2018, 61.8 million metric tons of plastic waste was generated in Europe alone. Sure, some of this plastic is recycled, but why add to the environmental burden? Install a water filtration system in the office. So, not only will the water be fresh and clean but you will also save time and money by avoiding the packaged water.

3. Do Business with Green Venders

Interview the vendors to find out what they are doing to keep their company and products green. If you use a printer, ask if they use recycled paper. It is best to look for companies that use energy efficient vehicles and manufacturing plants that are actively working to reduce their carbon footprint. For example, The Sands Las Vegas Corporation chooses vendors like Hewlett Packard and General Electric because they too follow aggressive sustainability guidelines.

4. Conserve Human Energy

Keep in mind that healthy, energetic employees will be more motivated and productive. To promote this, it is important to create a non-toxic, safe environment. In addition, serve sustainable food, that can help brain functioning, during meetings like nuts, organic fruits and vegetables. These can improve brain activity and maintain mental acuity.

5. Host a Fundraising Event

Cause-driven programs are excellent for image and public relations; not to mention the satisfaction of being supportive, meaningful and far reaching. Find your green cause and organise an annual fundraising event. Planting trees or raising funds for environmental study scholarships could be some of the examples that the fundraisers can use. It may also be advantageous to find a cause close to your community, in order to gain support and new clients.

6. Recycle and Reuse

Look into your community’s recycling program and enlist the support of your team to meet recycling goals. Also, purchase recycled paper products and ink cartridges. Even certain furniture and other big ticket items contain recycled goods.

7. Use Green Cleaning Products

Many of the commonly used cleaning products are actually toxic for our bodies as well as for the environment. It is thus more eco-friendly to replace window cleaners, dish and hand soaps with green products. They might initially seem pricey but are usually concentrated and will last longer.

In summary, sustainable development can only be achieved by individuals and companies working to reduce their carbon footprint. Everyone must participate. You will demonstrate your leadership and commitment to a healthy, safe future by joining the ranks of business leaders who make sustainable choices.

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