Company A.s.K was established in 2012  and is specialized  in dangerous traffic  crossroads  with main world inovative product ” inteligent system for blind road sections” COPS@road (COllision Preventing Safety System). COPS system is a device which uses light signals to warn traffic participants of danger of collision or of approaching of unseen subjects in real time. Dangerous crossroads and unseen subject  are both hard for drivers to see in time because of blind road sections and therefore the device enables safer participation in traffic.

With the help from its multiple sensors, the device enables several stages of warning, which means that it detects all participants (vehicles, pedestrians, motorists, Bicycle etc. ) who move towards dangerous sections (crossroads, unprotected railway crossing, pedestrian crossings, garages, factories).Multiple integrated and dislocated sensors enable a high reliability of the system. The device works on solar power and can be quickly implemented on any traffic dangerous sections.

COPS system has already decrease traffic accidents on some of the dangerous  traffic corners where are implemented for more than 90 %.

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