Our Mission

  • Creating a community-driven international business network of winning by sharing minded SMEs and individuals.
  • Providing assistance toward start-ups and entrepreneurs.
  • Keeping our members informed of job opportunities especially in Luxembourg and Slovenia.
  • Creating and generating articles for our target audience and members to provide an important promotion, education, and support.
  • Organizing some activities such as business events, meetings, workshops, or seminars.
  • Creating co-working spaces like CISpace Coworking Café.
  • Providing internship experiences for international students without any discrimination.

Our Vision

  • Decentralization: LSBC believes in the decentralization of production processes and decision-making in the economy.
  • Connectivity Remote Working or Information Routing: At LSBC, we believe in the idea of the creation of a decentralized organization to take over from corporate structures.
  • Considering the best for Environment: At LSBC, we seriously consider our Environment footsteps and value CSR practices.
  • Use of Modern Technologies and Software Solutions: LSBC hiring today’s latest technological solutions and makes the best use of it for itself operation.