Advantages of Having More Women in the Workplace

By Hayriye Simay Tunçkılıç

The issue of the inclusion of women has not been apparent in workplaces. Is it that important to be mentioned? The answer is “YES”. We do not realize it; however, they are not present in business as much as men. More women there are, more advantages you have! Let us have a look at these advantages of bringing more women into the business world!


This time, I want to do something different; I will begin with my personal experience. Beginning from my childhood, I had the opportunity to see how workplaces are run. I have not thought about it until now, but I always knew that something was missing. When I looked back, I realised that women were scarce in those companies.

After some time, I did some research on the presence of women in workplaces from technology to commerce. The big companies did involve women, but were reluctant to address this issue. As time passed, some women tried to bring about the change. They are indeed becoming the new leaders of the business world. If you are wondering what advantages they bring to the workplaces can bring, keep reading further 🙂

Women = More Talents

Two heads are better than one. Regardless of the sector, one of the advantages that women brings is more talents and they stand for more development and growth. The secret behind growth is rather simple – more talents certainly amplify productivity.

More talents also means more creative minds to tackle problems! One side cannot really provide the best solution, both genders can provide you with their perspectives and insights for a more effective solution in the face of a challenge. Different ideas will promote innovation and creativity as well as assist different sectors to grasp new opportunities.

Women = Company Improvement

You heard it right! One of the benefits that women can provide is an improvement. The improvement can be as the following:

Improvement in Recruitment and Reputation: Think of yourself as a company manager, you would probably want the brightest people of your company to succeed. However, you cannot be biased towards one side, you have to be welcoming to get the best out of everyone. If you stick with only one gender (men) and stop recruiting the best candidates, you will indeed lose potential ones for the company. Having women in the company is one of the keys to fair recruitment, and the fair recruitment improves the reputation of the company.

What happens next? The improvement of the company’s reputation means a business attracting a vast customer base. It will also help the company to attract bright women. As a woman, I would look for employers who welcome gender diversity so that I would be entitled to the equal opportunities that I can avail in the future.

Women = Positive Impacts for Employee

It is clear that the inclusion of women brings a number of benefits for the employer, yet what about the employee? The good news is, it is a win-win situation for both. The inclusion of both genders can enhance positivity all around the workplace! Equal opportunities make workers feel that they can self-promote, create higher aims, and make progress in their career paths.

Moreover, the positive impact is not only for women but also for men! They as well feel that they benefit from equal opportunities in the context of gender-diversity policies (e.g: Equal Pay). Today, more people have been witnessing that women’s inclusion and creating gender-diversity policies take companies to better and more effective long-term results. At the end of the day, positive impacts come with rewards that turn into a source of motivation, and finally, an increase in job satisfaction.


The issue of the inclusion of women is still a concern in the business life, and needs to be highlighted. This article is based on my own experience where I observed the presence of men to be higher than women in the workplace, which seemed to be a major issue to me. Not only men but also women employees have several advantages for the companies. Women mean bright talents, company improvement, and positive impacts.

As I convey my reflections in this article, these 3 advantages should not be underestimated, they indeed should mean a lot more for companies aiming high. Today, there are more women in the work environments with different titles, which is promising. It is crucial to acknowledge that more women in workplaces generate financial benefits and help companies become aware of their genuine potential. However, we still have many more miles to go, let us not stop and promote brighter talents!

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