Analitica d.o.o.

Analitica is a company focused on expert analysis studies and development of software solutions in the field of finance, natural sciences and engineering. Our expertise in developing software solutions includes development and integration of complex information systems, as well as analysis and intelligent processing of large structured and unstructured data sources.

Core competencies of the company consist of:

  • IFRS compliant portfolio management / treasury solutions for banks, insurance companies and pension funds (software suite Taurus);
  • Solutions for risk management / asset-liability management / valuation/ capital directives: Solvency II, Basel III (software suite RiskSuite);
  • Advanced analytics (predictive analytics) for use in analytical marketing/CRM, credit risk, fraud detection (insurance claims management), healthcare, quality assurance and predictive maintenance;
  • Information management: planning and implementation of data warehousing and OLAP solutions, development of system interfaces and ETL processes, data quality, test data management, data protection and intelligent archiving;
  • Corporate performance management (planning and controlling);
  • System modeling and simulations;
  • Multimedia, signal processing and computer vision.


Analitica d.o.o.,

Pot v Mlake 13,

SI-1000, Ljubljana, Slovenia,

+386 1 2565 196,