ARAMI is producer and exporter of true top quality aquarium fish food, turtle’s food, plus cat & dog vitamin tablets with competitive prices. We are present on European markets and wider from 1986. SiLine, our brand’s range is seen on our web page

We are proud on SiLine top quality so we strictly care about continuity. We can guarantee, person who once starts feeding own fishes with SiLine aquarium fish food becomes satisfied and faithful consumer i.e. your customer. Our belief is “SiLine’s top quality will result on growth of your rating i.e. your offer” by the time. ARAMI is looking for pet-food importers in different areas and countries. We are ready to supply regarding any needs, anytime, long term. ARAMI is known as quick and reliable supplier.


ARAMI akvaristika

Milena Ravnak s.p.

Celjska cesta 2B

3212 Vojnik, SLOVENIA

mob: +386 51 422 606

tel. +386 3 780 4041

fax +386 3 577 2812