Behind the construction of personal branding

Visibility in our company

visibility for your company. Any business school will tell us that marketing is the first step and one of the pillars of business strategy. >

Nowadays the trend is not only to advertise the corporate brand, but also that of the entrepreneur himself, as captain of the ship. How do we achieve this? Well, through what is known as personal branding or personal brand creation.

But what is personal branding?

It consists of building a personal brand visible, strong and honest with the values of each, always enhancing the best of the individual. It will allow us to tell our clients all the good we can bring them, highlighting our skills, experience, knowledge… And for what? For them to see where the benefit and value of choosing our project over others is.

One of the keys to winning over the consumer is trust and transparency. Your client needs to know who you are and what you have done in life. There’s no point in you and your company being exceptional if nobody knows.

And how do you articulate a personal branding process?

Coaching: Getting to know each other, preparing a personal SWOT analysis and seriously asking ourselves “what do we want to be when we grow up? This is what we call “the island”.

Personal Marketing: Design our presence in Social Networks, offline actions and corporate identity. When in doubt about what to publish in the online world, follow this maxim: Everything you write will remain (good and bad). Common sense first of all.

Personal image: Working in the advertising sector is not the same as working in the financial sector. Going to an informal dinner with employees is not the same as going to a presentation to investors. Do you dress the same on all occasions?

MD Consulting

One of our members, MD Consulting is specialized in strategic marketing, design PR, digital marketing and of course branding. If you want to work on building your personal brand, do not hesitate to contact them.

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