Best European cities for bankers fleeing Brexit

London’s future as Europe’s main financial centre is uncertain. Brexit threatens to strip the UK of its financial passport, which allows firms to use Britain as a springboard to operate across Europe.

As a result, banks, insurers and funds are cracking open their contingency plans to gain footholds in continental Europe.

Lloyd’s of London last month said it would open a subsidiary in Brussels one day after Prime Minister Theresa May triggered Article 50 and began talks to take the UK out of the 28-state trading bloc.

Not all cities in Europe are equally as appealing for financial workers. Relocation company Movinga put together a handy ranking of the best destinations for a new life, based on factors such as average income, rent, and restaurant quality.

“Everyone is talking about cities like Paris and Frankfurt preparing for an influx of banking industry workers due to Brexit,” said Movinga’s managing director Finn Hänsel.

“But other cities like Dublin, Valletta, Luxembourg and Amsterdam may actually be better equipped to make these workers feel happy and at home. Individuals and businesses alike should consider the unique factors important to their relocation before planning their move.”

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