The best European cities for co-working

By Silvia SALA

We previously talked about co-working and what you should look for when searching for a place. We also own our co-working space in Berlin, CISpace. Today we are going to focus on which cities are the best European cities for co-working.


Counting 60+ spaces and an average of 200 euros/month to rent a desk, the Dutch vibrant city of tulips has a lot to offer in terms of co-working. Being the cultural, economic, and creative centre of the Netherlands allows Amsterdam to be a living example of a mix of different elements living together. We are sure that this atmosphere will benefit your business!


30+ co-working rooms and the average cost of 220 euros/month, the Polish capital can turn out to be a great choice for your start-up. In fact, Warsaw earned in recent years the name of ‘the next Berlin’. Alike the German city, Warsaw hosts hipster atmospheres, ancient buildings, and a common emerging culture of entrepreneurship.

Tel Aviv

20+ places for co-working and about 240 euros monthly for a desk, the Israel capital has in the last years acquired more and more reputation among freelancers and young European impresarios. The city has young, open-minded and eclectic vibes to offer to its inhabitants and occasional travelers. Not surprisingly, it has also been UNESCO listed and got the nickname of ‘The White City’. Israel can fascinate new start-ups due to its wide beaches and mild Mediterranean weather.


Featuring 130+ co-working spots and around 260 euros per desk, the Spanish city is among the best European cities to work as a freelancer. Arts, music, and cuisine are the major attractions of this city, as well as a relatively new spirit of entrepreneurship. In fact, Barcelona has gained the status of the start-up capital of Spain.


Including 20+ spaces and an average of 410 euros/month to get a desk, this city has a lot of charm and no surprise that the most beloved artists of the last centuries were born or moved here. Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett, George Bernard Shaw, and Bono to nominate some. Dublin has always had the power to captivate everyone, from the music lover to the nature seeker. Nevertheless, it is one of the most expensive cities to live in, and investing here will require quite a budget. But if you are a beer lover you need to consider Dublin!


110+ spots for co-working and a monthly budget of 300 euros, the German capital is one the most common choices. It is indeed the most known city in the EU start-up scene, due to several factors. Since living here is cheap, the process of building a company is relatively fast and regular events for star-ups take place, more and more young people decided in the last years to set their businesses here. As a result, Berlin is the underground capital of Germany and the nest for the most modern workplaces, especially tech and digitally inclined ones.


With its 50+ and an average of 220 euros per month, Hamburg is also known as ‘The Venice of Germany’, thanks to its canals crossing the Elbe River. Here you will meet a young environment: street festivals, opera, open-air restaurants on the waterfront, and smelly fish markets. Since the last century, Hamburg has been the focal point for international trade and one of Germany’s wealthiest cities. We are sure that this city will conquer you with its picturesque charisma!


Featuring 90+ co-working places and an average rent of 430 euros/month, the capital of France is the second most expensive European city in a matter of prices. However, it deserves consideration. Who has never dreamt of visiting the City of Love? Apart from this, Paris is also a modern city and the economic center of France. Thanks to its multi-ethnic population and elegant buildings, you will have a great atmosphere meanwhile working here. During your free time, you will have plenty of activities to do. Visiting museum exhibitions, taking a stroll along the Seine or enjoying its cuisine.


With 270+ spaces where co-working and a budget of 530 euros/monthly per desk, the capital of the UK is for sure one of the most expensive European cities on our list. However, it has good assets. First, London was one of the first cities to develop the co-working model. Because of this, its spaces are among the most stylish and luxurious ones. Also, it is the most popular destination for freelancers and young start-ups; this makes London the hub of co-working spaces and allows it to have the biggest network in circulation. So, the economic British capital won’t disappoint you in terms of style and numbers.

Which one is your favorite city? Let us know!