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Cryptocurrencies, and Bitcoin in particular, have been becoming more and more popular for years now. This decentralised cash system completely transforms our way of looking at money. But what are the advantages of all of this for you? Where to gain knowledge? Let’s find out and get to know The Blockchain Academy!

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that can use as a standard currency where ever that accepts it. However it is not under the regulation of the governments or issued by the central banks. Cryptocurrencies does not enjoy the same kind of stability when comparing to regular physical currencies, but many people use them. Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency to come out.

Let’s look at the main advantages of using cryptocurrencies:

1. It is easily available to everyone.
2. Making transactions is easy and quick.
3. Transactional fees are low.
4. There are no delays in payment.
5. It is a secured payment method.
6. In many cases you can stay anonymous.
7. No third party involvement.

Although these are strong benefits, using cryptocurrencies can be very complicated at first!

The Blockchain Academy courses:

That is why we would like to recommend one of our LSBC members The Blockchain Academy! You can take courses from beginner to advanced ones at them! Check out their courses here: Blockchain Academy courses

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