Bsit, Born To Be Indispensable

One year old. Their baby is just a year old. And with already more than 80,000 users in four countries, the least we can say is that its first steps are more than promising! In November 2015, Donatienne Van Houtryve and Geraldine Biebuyck gave birth to a collaborative application for organizing babysitting simply and effectively, and above all, with trustworthy babysitters.

The strength of their application lies in its community approach where reviews and user recommendations promote the hiring of reliable babysitters. Both mums confide tous here the story of their success and their future desires for their quickly growing baby.

Can you describe the concept of Bsit?

We wanted to simplify the lives of parents. Bsit is an application that connects parents with babysitters, enabling them to easily hire a babysitter. With a few clicks on the app, you can find and contact a reliable babysitter. How do we ensure that the babysitter is trustworthy? Through a collaborative model, Bsit has managed to “digitize” the notorious word-of-mouth –for what could be better in the quest to find a first-class babysitter than the advice and approval of a friend?

How did you come up with the idea of this app?

We are two active moms working full time and we had had enough of the large hassle involved when it came to finding a babysitter, especially when we needed one at the last minute. Sometimes we had to refuse invitations or cancel plans at the last minute when we weren’t able to find a babysitter. We wanted to implement a solution that gives room for the unexpected. Sites that offer sponsorships or interviews were not suitable for us.

Our commission formula is simple: we charge an extra 15 minutes of babysitting.
Why did you decide to launch? How did the idea materialize?

We wanted to make our lives easier and, by extension, other parents’ lives, through a collaborative experience. We also were fortunate to meet the right people at the right time. From the start we were very well surrounded by talent. We had highly skilled IT and technical teams with whom we shared the same motivations. This was very valuable.

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