Building land plot Shipyard Izola

Superb investment opportunity: Elite seaside property in Izola

Property equipped on the seashore

Izola Shipyard is located on the coast, in the northeastern part of the Peninsula, near the historic centre of the city of Izola.

The land plot has ruined shipyard facilities and industrial equipment suitable for demolition. The land is easily accessible and has a good utility infrastructure.

The area is located in the immediate vicinity of the urban centre of Izola. It is next to the cycling island and the promenade. The land plot has incredible views of the Slovenian Alps and the Italian Dolomites.

Perfect for developing year-round tourism capabilities

A project has been created that materializes the construction of a seaside resort with a luxury hotel and a water park.

The hotel has spacious suites with sea views, restaurants, etc.

The water park will have a capacity of 1000 people. It will also include indoor, outdoor and underground swimming pool areas.

Why Izola?

The city of Izola is the second largest tourist centre on the Slovenian coast thanks to its historical character and the natural beauty that surrounds it.

In addition, it is a city close to Italy and Croatia and has the airport of Trieste only 70 kilometers away.


Offer: For sale
Indicative price: 9,000,000.00 € + TAX
Property category: Building land plot Shipyard Izola
Address: Cankarjev Drevored 23, Izola
Year of construction: 1960
Year of renovation: 1980
Net floor area: 8,669.00 m²
Plot area: 42,054.00 m²
Plot number: 124/3, 124/4, 123/1, 123/2, 124/7, 124/5, 117/0, 120/0, 118/1, 118/2, 116/1, 116/5, 116/6, 116/7, 116/8, 116/9, 116/10, 116/11, 119/0, 121/1, 121/2, 124/13, 124/20, 124/21, 124/22, 124/23, vse k.o. 2626 – Izola
Energy class: F (150-210 kWh/m²a)




Phone: +386 14 29 34 79