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Regioplan Ltd. and a new greenfield investment

Regioplan Ltd. has made a new greenfield investment in the industrial startup.


The new factory is located in Sliven, Bulgaria. The products will be made of wood-polymer composite (WPC) wood+hdpe+adds. This region of Bulgaria is very rich in superior quality forests/wooden material. The range of materials will include floor decking, fencing, and wall siding. The first fully equipped system will be floor decking. Decking, endings, fasteners. Regioplan expects to produce superior quality WPC with minimum 60% of hardwood inside the formulation. Regioplan has registered its own brand name BATCOS and the product will be launched under this name.

A dedicated website will come soon: www.batcos.com

Regioplan Ltd. up to a new EU project

Regioplan Ltd. is currently developing, elaborating and implementing EU funded projects in the territory of Bulgaria. The company works with the Operational Programmes – Competitiveness and Environment. Regioplan is preparing applications for the Cross-border Programmes of Bulgaria with Romania, Serbia, Greece, Macedonia and Turkey, as well as, the transnational cooperation programmes Balkan-Med, Danube and Black Sea. Check more on: www.regioplan.biz.