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LinkedAge offers online booking of accommodation in senior resorts worldwide. Senior resorts are affordable, they can address any special need of a traveling senior at any time and they work as »seniors’ clubs«. They are on average 30% cheaper than hotels and offer a cosy senior environment. LinkedAge develops three different senior tourism products: Retirement Holidays (less than 3 months), Retirement Abroad and Swap of Rooms between residents of senior resorts (Erasmus style exchange of rooms). All three products are wrapped-up with a door-to-door service with travel insurance. In this way LinkedAge offers a »one-stop shop« for tailor-made packages that bring new dimensions of senior mobility.

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pr1mo tours

pr1mo tours

We are seeking to establish a cooperation with partners who could help us to broaden our reach abroad and at the same time would like to expand the travel options they can offer their clients. In short, we are an inbound travel agency from Lake Bled in the Slovenian Alps with special focus in eco-tourism. We are constantly working on differentiate ourselves from the rest of the country’s tourism industry by paying attention to customers’ feedback and handling smaller groups rather than masses.

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B2B Businesses increasingly invest in digital marketing, including website, events, SEO and SEA. This results in more website visitors, likes and clicks. But does it also result in more Sales? Sales professionals need the names of the companies visiting their website, the pages they are interested in and whether or not visitors come back for more. Without they cannot work, they cannot convert marketing effort into Sales.

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Livar d.d.

Livar d.d. is the largest foundry in Slovenia, with production units in Ivančna Gorica and Črnomelj. It offers grey and nodular cast iron castings as well as own mechanical-processing, model-design and tool-manufacturing services. An important part of its services is its own trademarked ducting range. The company is renowned for its modern technology, recognized innovative expertise, the quality of its services and its high level of environment responsibility.

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At Edgar we help companies build up their brands and win their customers with powerful stories. We’re hacking the branding & advertising industry so it finally works for the SMEs.

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Techne d.o.o.

Techne d.o.o. is a developmentally oriented company established in 2007.  We carry out R&D projects in diverse fields of engineering. Our main fields of activities are:

Mechanical engineering

Automotive engineering

Automation technology

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Narda – Kareta Turizem d.o.o.

We are a family business who wants to promote Slovenia and specially Carinthia, the north part of Slovenia as well as the south of Austria- Kärnten. We are specialized in group excursions and active holidays.

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a la cart

Vino a’la carte

We are searching and representing only the best from Slovenian enogastronomy. We sell quality and high quality Slovenian wines and spirits and offer a service with Exclusive hand-printed – sit print of Your Company logo on bottles in golden or silver colour with extra flying label with all the relevant information about the wine.

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Snoek Naturprodukte

Snoek Naturprodukte gehört seit fast 30 Jahren zu den Pionieren für ungiftige Schädlingsvertreibung, die nicht störend in das Naturgeschehen eingreift, sondern ganz gezielt bestimmte Plagegeister aus Haus und Garten vertreibt. Die snoek „Gartenhelfer“ fördern die natürlichen Kreisläufe im Bodenleben, in dem sie Pflanzen stark und wehrhaft gegen Schadorganismen machen. Daneben bieten wir ein umfangreiches Sortiment an Körperpflege-, Haushalts- und Reinigungsprodukten an. Köstliche Bio-Weine für die verdiente Pause nach der Gartenarbeit runden unser Angebot ab.

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Aarei Mreza LUX

AAREI – Mreža Nepremičnin d.o.o.

AAREI – Mreža Nepremičnin d.o.o. is among the most prominent Real Estate and investment consultancy companies in Slovenia. Mreža Nepremičnin d.o.o. is a Slovenian partner for AAREI network. AAREI is an international consortium of independent companies working in real estate and investment consulting in the Adriatic region.

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