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Business Tips for International Entrepreneurs in Slovenia

Slovenia is an attractive country for both tourism and business. Good geographical position, clean environment, and pleasant residents are among the main factors that play a role in choosing a possible place to travel. The country’s economic component is not inferior to tourism. A low tax rate, a high chance for start-ups, and favorable conditions for investment.

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Investing under the Illusion of Control

The illusion of control is a cognitive bias which causes us to assume that we have exact control over the outcome of a situation in an instance where actually we do not [1]. But it is a very common strategy in the face of disappointment, struggle, and other uncomfortable feelings [2]. The influence of the control bias can be insincere. We’ll explain 4 effects of investing under the illusion of control.

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Inveting in Luxembourg

Why Entrepreneurship in Luxembourg

Recently, the world has lived complicated periods summarized under the word “Change”. In order to survive, you will need to adjust your future according to the new “normality”. Entrepreneurship in Luxembourg can be a good start.

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Data, The Root of Innovation and Decision Making

Experience Data: Data, The Root of Innovation and Decision-Making

Experience Data is a young F5-Years-Start-Up using data as the root of innovation to drive result and enhance decision-making process. A dedicated team of experts specializing in the use of Artificial Intelligence technology.

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Comfort Zone: Tips to take the first steps

Comfort Zone: Tips to Take the First Steps

Safety and comfort are the best feelings in life. Still, for some people, challenges and adventures are the best.

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The 5 Impacts of COVID-19 on the Global Business Market

There is widespread agreement among economists that COVID-19 will have severe different impacts on the global business market. However, despite the danger that the global economy is in, there is a hope to avoid the worst-case scenarios. Because governmental economy experts and other economists still see hope to eliminate the worst scenarios [1]. We will explain the 5 impacts of COVID-19 on the global business market.

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Mental health problems may affect your life in the workplace.

5 Keys to Prevent Mental Health Problems in the Workplace

          Everyone deserves a respected and productive workplace but achieving those are particularly hard for people with mental health problems [1]. People may encounter some difficult life events and mental health problems. For example anger, stress, anxiety, panic attack, etc. The problems sometimes affect people’s workplace life negatively. That’s why it is important to cope with and prevent some of them before developing. There are 5 keys to prevent mental health problems in the workplace.

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Tetiana Shmyhal. She worked with us as PR Intern and now, just after one year in Mercer, she is a Senior Specialist GBM Administration.

From Junior to Senior in One Year: Tetiana Shmyhal

This Friday we would like you to meet another of our Former Interns: Tetiana Shmyhal. She worked with us as a PR Intern and now, just after one year in Mercer, she is a Senior Specialist GBM Administrator.

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Data on the future will worth more than money so It will be the real capital of tomorrow

Data, The Capital of Tomorrow

Capital in business is productivity and development. It also means benefits and goods. However, capital could be your team, your efficient strategies, or even your partners. But with the growth of Business intelligence and advanced resource management technologies, Data will have been your future capital.

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The reasons why you have to invest as a fresh graduate

A Fresh Graduate, Why Investing?

Investing as a fresh graduate brings self-satisfaction and pride, affords life out of your comfort zone, and mainly guarantees success in a perfect way.

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