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Presence at the Infrachain Summit

Luxembourg Slovenian Business Club – LSBC was present at the Infrachain Summit, held in Luxembourg on May 23rd, 2019 in Luxembourg.

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9 reasons for investing in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Making the right choices in creating activities and investing your wealth can be a tedious task. Not only do you need an economic environment that is conducive to your activity; you also need a specialised workforce, good connectivity with international markets, top-quality infrastructures, and a legal framework that rewards your activities. To make choosing easier for you, here then are nine reasons to convince you that the Grand Duchy is the right place for you to launch your activities.

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Do not Miss International b2fair Matchmaking Event at Hannover Messe

Do not miss International b2fair – Business to Fairs® matchmaking pre-scheduled meetings during Hannover Messe 2019 from April 1 – 5. LSBC is official partner for Slovenia since 2014.

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A Future Of Work–Silicon Luxembourg

How do you think the work in the future? Where and How will it be? Will Digital Nomadism be the mainstream… Let’s check the answer from LSBC Member – Silicon Luxembourg.

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LSBC, with the support of the Honorary Consul organized a series of pr ...

Luxembourg-Slovenian Business Club LSBC, with the support of the Honorary Consulate of Slovenia to the Grand Duchy, organized a series of pre-scheduled meetings for the Slovenian company Kompas d.d.

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Skylabs at RADECS

After the success at MOS Celje, Skylabs did not rest on its laurels. The company team went to Gothenburg in Sweden to attend the conferences on RADECS – Radiation Effects on Components and Systems.

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9 useful start-up blogs on marketing, sales and financing

LSBC prepared for you a selection of useful English-language start-up blogs for the founders and leaders of young teams. The list included websites about marketing, investing, and other areas (Process Street data).

1.Both Sides of the Table
Blog on Medium, which is lead by an experienced investor from Silicon Valley Mark Saster. Saster pays much attention to company strategies and what start-ups can learn from projects that are now on hearing.

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Behind the construction of personal branding

Visibility in our company

visibility for your company. Any business school will tell us that marketing is the first step and one of the pillars of business strategy. >

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The restauration of the future will be digital

Digital Evolution in the catering sector

The 1980s marked the beginning of the introduction of personal computers in companies. A phenomenon that improved the productivity of employess and increased the turnover of those businesses that adopted this technology. In contrast, the catering sector took the longest to enter the new digital universe. It was not until the late 1990s that restaurants took advantage of the new opportunities present on the Internet.

Consequently, since the launch of Iphone and the launch of smartphones, the sector’s digitalisation has not stopped growing.

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Business from scratch. 10 steps of a beginner businessman.

Many people dream of their business. At the same time, the reasons why people decide to open their own business are different for everyone. For some, this is an opportunity to realize oneself, for others it is a way to earn money and be independent, for the third – this is the withdrawal from unemployment. Desire, this is just the beginning. And what to do next? With what to begin, to whom to go? LSBC prepared for you 10 steps of a beginner businessman.

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