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digital marketing consultant

Story of a Digital Marketing Consultant: Maksym Turyanskyy

Today is the moment of introducing another of our former interns: Maksym Turyanskyy. He started his career as a Social Media intern at LSBC and now he is a Digital Marketing Consultant at Arrivalguides, A Lonely Planet Company.

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family business

Cons of Family Business

Last Wednesday we introduced you to what we think can be the advantages of a family business. Today we are going to focus on the other side of the coin: its cons.

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make your remote routine eco-friendlier

5 quick steps to make your remote routine eco-friendlier

In front of the latest consequences of environmental pollution, we at LSBC would like to contribute to share consciousness about living in an eco-friendlier way. In this article, you are going to read our favorite tips to make your remote routine eco-friendlier.

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How to transform your business to remote work

How to transform your business to work remotely

To transform your business to remote setting, certain steps must be considered. This Friday we would like to share with you an article, written and published by our Advisor to the Board and Founder & CEO at Proman Consulting, Strahinja Tirnanić.

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family business

Pros of Family Business

Are you also wondering if a family business could be a great option for your career life? Then our next two articles will helpful for you to discover the pros and cons of these companies. In fact, today and the next Wednesday we would like to help you realize which are the positive and negative aspects of working with your family.

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tranform your passion into a profession

How to transform your passion into a profession?

When we were kids, we all heard the famous question, “What is your dream job?”. As we grow up, we learn that dreams may not come true, and being a professional artist, a writer, or a fashion icon still an excitable aim for a kid but unfortunately not for an adult. Yet history and life keep show us examples of enthusiasm, fight, and unbroken ambition throughout success stories and inventions.

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sharing economy

The recent challenges of the sharing economy

During the recent health crisis, this economy had to handle hard times, like all businesses. Why so? Let’s show you the major features of the sharing economy and the recent challenges that it had to face.

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do yoga

5 reasons to do yoga as remote workers

Why should you integrate yoga training in your routine, especially if you are a remoter worker? This is our personal list of its pros and the reasons why you should start to think about practising yoga at home.

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co-working europe

The best European cities for co-working

We previously talked about co-working and what you should look for when searching for a place. We also own our co-working space in Berlin, CISpace. Today we are going to focus on the European cities and which ones are the best for co-working from our perspective.

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The benefits of volunteering

Volunteering: the benefits of doing it

Have you ever thought about helping some associations in your city or packing all his stuff and volunteering abroad? Here it is why you should start now to do that!

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