Comfort Zone: Tips to Take the First Steps

By Imane Mdarhri

Safety and comfort are the best feelings in life. Still, for some people, challenges and adventures are the best.

Since childhood, taking the first steps has usually been a difficult decision to take. Playing with strangers in the park or presenting yourself on the first day of school was the challenging first step to take as a child. The same could happen for adults. Starting a conversation, speaking in public, or try something new can be a stressful step to take.

Comfort zone is a circle of habits and routine where everything is predictable, either physical like actions or reaction nor emotional like fear or stress. Living in such an environment can be enjoyable and healthy. But when it starts to limit you grow, then you have to start thinking and acting seriously.

Changing your career or starting a new lifestyle is a big challenge for most of us. However, it can be a crucial first step toward self-development and success. Sometimes you may prefer to stay in your comfort zone, either to discover yourself and your ambitions or to prepare yourself for the next step. But the negative side is to think that; what you have had is enough and what you learned is everything, including knowledge, skills, and capacities. Also, comfort becomes negative, when you lost your energy and time doing the same things and expecting new results. Even, Albert Einstein in one of his famous lines called it, “Insanity”.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Albert Einstein
Small challenges: Wake 10min earlier

Thinking of 10min as a short period or useless could be wrong because the first step doesn’t have to be big. For a person who has worries toward change, big changes may move him back. So, a step by step process, for example, waking-up 10min earlier can be a good start.

Success stories

Getting inspired is regularly one of the most practical tips to get out of the comfort zone. If you watch or read about a success story of a person who had experienced challenging moments or had common dreams or goals like yours, you will automatically get inspired and motivated. Mainly, you will see the importance of start thinking seriously about the next first steps.

Positive entourage

Surrounding yourself with positive and successful people has always been important. Support either from family or friends is a good motive to start changing your habits and routine. Also, having a beneficial network can give you unlimited ideas, experiences, and tips about how to get out of your comfort zone.

Imagination & Creativity

Imagination is creating your universe. Inside, you can live all your worries, speaking fluently in public, maintaining a long conversation with strangers, building your business, or even getting a Nobel Prize. In the beginning, they may look meaningless but after each time your brain will start looking and creating possible ideas to make it happens.

“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.”

William Arthur Ward

The reason behind getting stuck in the called “Comfort Zone” may not be complicated. Neither because you don’t have the suitable skills nor courage, it is about confidence and self-belief. You possibly had disappointed or lived bad experiences in the past, which have hurt you badly. Even so, you have to start believing that you are in the right way, you can do it again and life is an onetime chance.

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