ESIC does work for Slovenian jobs!

LSBC once again has co-organized a successful event! East Slovenia Investment Compass does a real work for protecting and creating new, high-quality job positions in Slovenia.

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Marketing and sales

How different are they?

Within a company, the sales department and the marketing department have traditionally been separate departments.

The sales department is responsible for negotiating and closing agreements. The marketing department is in charge of transmitting the value and message of the company in a creative way through advertising or events.

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Meet the face behind #2 – Tomaž Kokot, CEO FlawlessCode

One of our LSBC members, FlawlessCode is an IT company with a small valuable team based in Maribor and founded in 2009. FlawlessCode offers IT solutions for various platforms and can solve any problems, we believe! They offer high-quality standards and put a big effort into testing.

Continue reading to know more about the company by the brief interview with Tomaž Kokot, the Chief executive officer at FlawlessCode.

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How FinTech cards have changed international travel

Cash is still King in Europe

Today, payment methods continue to evolve and new ones are emerging.

There are mainly 3: cash, credit/debit cards and mobile payment.

However, although new ways of payment are emerging, cash and cards are still the preferred methods of payment for travellers in Europe.

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Turn your compass to ESIC 2018!

LSBC has a pleasure to invite for the East Slovenia Investment Compass event in the upcoming week.

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Be creative at Poligon

Do you want to improve yourself? Want to make some new connections? Do you need some new ideas? The answer is Poligon! It is an incredible community for networking and self-employed people! Click on the link to find out more!

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The Blockchain Academy courses about cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies, and Bitcoin in particular, have been becoming more and more popular for years now. This decentralised cash system completely transforms our way of looking at money. But what are the advantages of all of this for you? Where to gain knowledge? Let’s find out and get to know The Blockchain Academy!

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How to improve engagement in your business’ instagram

Connecting to your audience

Instagram, whether you love it or hate it, there is no middle ground. Brands have an obligation to develop a good strategy. A strategy that allows them to connect with the large number of users who abandon social networks in favor of Instagram. But how is this done?

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IT solutions at FlawlessCode

One of our newest LSBC members is FlawlessCode an IT company with a small valuable team based in Maribor and founded in 2009. FlawlessCode offers IT solutions for various platforms and can solve any problems, we believe! Continue reading to find out what they have to say about their successful business!

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More than 50 banks have joined blockchain payments party

Banks want to take part in the Blockchain revolution

J.P. Morgan, the global leader in financial services, has created a blockchain- powered cross- border payment product. We are talking about the Interbank Information Network. Exactly, 75 banks have signed up to test this new product, including Santander and Societe Generale.

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LSBC introduced Flawless Code to the Honorary Consul of Slovenia

LSBC and LSBC Member Flawless Code are meeting the Honorary Consul of Slovenia in Luxembourg Mr Roland Streber.

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Fintech Vs Banking

Only 20% of financial technologies compete with banks

The Kpmg  experts point out that fintech cannot be considered to be disruptive in the verticals where they compete with the banks. The real enemy are the so-called Gafa.

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