Content Writing is creativity: Interview article with the Former Intern Sujan Pandey

By Imane Mdarhri and Qingyi Xu

Content Writing is creativity. It is the source of inspiration for a successful Content Writer, who has chosen to be unique, influencer as well as professional.

1. What did you study at university and what is your current position?

At university I studied Information Security, my major was in Computer Networking and Security. I finished my studies a few months before the lockdown. Currently, I work with multiple companies as a Freelancer Content Writer.

2. How did you join LSBC? In which department did you work?

I joined LSBC via a Facebook post. At that time, I was looking for interesting opportunities to gain experiences and move forward in my career. So, after a couple of days, I had an interview, then I joined LSBC in the Content Writing Department as a content writing intern.

3. How long was your internship and what were your main tasks?

My internship was for three months. Throughout, I treated various topics, published multiple posts every week, and experienced working with different Content-Optimisation Technologies or SEO, which was really beneficial for me as a Content Creator.

In general, my main tasks were about creating content for LSBCs’ website, in collaboration with the Graphic Design Department, and optimizing the text using SEO policies; including, keywords,  Text-Conciseness, references, and short sentences. 

In short, the goal is to make the website articles more attractive for the reader and relevant for google-research algorithms’.

“Content writing may look difficult, but marketing  the Content is more demanding.”

Sujan Pandey
4. How was your experience at LSBC?

My experience at LSBC was good. During the internship, I had the opportunity to work and collaborate with interns from various backgrounds and different cultures. Furthermore, as a team, we were working in a friendly environment, where we used to play online team games about how to face challenges. At the same time, we learned how to manage the tasks remotely and how to cooperate with a multinational  team. Mainly, It was a great experience working at LSBC.

5. What were your challenges at LSBC?

For me, the only challenge was Time-Management. At that time, In parallel with the internship at LSBC, I was a Full-time employee in Digital Marketing and I had to manage my schedule; It was a bit challenging. Besides, I dared myself to develop my skills in Content-Optimization, in Marketing as well. Overall, It was an exciting experience.

6. What are the required skills, soft-skills, and Hard-skills to succeed as a CW specialist? In your opinion
Content Writing is creativity
Content Writing is creativity

Due to the significant amount of content on the web; blogs, websites, It could happen that your work does not achieve the expected feedback. 

Basically, the reason is neither the quality of the content, nor the writers’ experience. It is essentially about keeping yourself motivated, focusing on SEO, and exploring the content on several platforms. So, “Always think out of the box, and never stop trying.”.

Apart from that, if you want to become a professional Content Writer, you have to master the basic knowledge of sourcing, optimization, and CMS platforms, like, WordPress.

    7. Since the beginning of this pandemic, a lot of sectors and businesses have stopped their activities or changed their strategies. So, from your perspective, is that going to impact your sector?  Are there new content creation methods?

The Covid-19 pandemic has badly affected the business market in the four months lockdown in all sectors. A lot of companies have reconstructed their managerial strategies and tried to adapt to the new circumstances; remote working was the most successful result. It has Its pros and cons, but it is one of the essential alternatives to help the global economy move forward. 

 From a content writer perspective, this pandemic has been challenging for our sector as well.Content writers are basically familiar with remote working, but the issue is about the industry competition; limited opportunities for numerous specialists. 

On the bright side, this pandemic could be a great opportunity for junior Freelancers or Content Creation passionates to start their freelancing career. The key, ‘Content writing is creativity.’.

8. What are the criterias of a successful CW or content creator?

From my perspective, to succeed, you have to be experimental with a high sense of curiosity and the ambition to learn about the industry. Content Creating is much deeper than writing and publishing, it is researching, optimizing, and using suitable technologies or platforms. Essentially, it is being concise, using the appropriate jargon, and the technical keywords suited to the industry at hand.

“Being a good communicator is a success key in the Content Writing Industry” Sujan Pandey

Sujan Pandey
9. CW is the position with a lot of “freedom”, how to manage your tasks and time in a remote working method? 

Exactly, I agree. Content Writing is a position where you can enjoy creating new stuff, then letting words reflect your perspectives and skills.

At LSBC, I actually had that freedom to write, to choose, and to suggest the topics. To make it more beneficial, I used to challenge myself by working on different topics, analyzing various subjects, and not following the same writing strategies. For me, It was a great method, not only to learn new techniques and skills but also to improve the quality of my works.

10. Would you recommend your LSBC internship-experience to your friends or community? And, Why?

Yes, definitely. I would recommend the LSBC internship experience to my friends because it is a great international experience to benefit from and add to your professional portfolio. Further, joining LSBC can expose you to new opportunities, polish your skills, and allow you to collaborate and interact with different people, which could develop your communication and social skills as well.

11. What are your future plans? What would you say to students or future content creating specialists?

My plan is to get an International Master’s degree in Digital Marketing and to develop my professional career in this industry.

I would say to the future Content Creators, that content writing is not typing words and publishing. Content Writing is creativity. Accordingly, to achieve success, you have to be passionate, productive, and unique through mastering SEO rules, Google platforms, as well as, using the right keywords. 

“Readers are looking for user-friendly content. So my recommendation is to be creative.”

Sujan Pandey