Be creative at Poligon

Do you want to improve yourself? Want to make some new connections? Do you need some new ideas? The answer is Poligon! It is an incredible community for networking and self-employed people! Click on the link to find out more!

What is Poligon?

Poligon Creative Centre is a Ljubljana based coworking space that opened in 2014. It is a home to several creative communities, who are international individuals involved in social entrepreneurship, creative economies and art. Besides offering office facilities, Poligon also runs a programme of cultural, educational and social events.

Spread out on 800m2, Poligon offers its ‘residents’ 60 desks, 7 offices, 1 conference room, a photo studio and a laboratory. There is also a bar for hanging around, store with selected designer goods, a library and big event space.

Poligon not only offers a working space to creative industries under affordable prices, but also engages in organisation of various workshops, lectures, and social events. It strives to connect various communities, thus serving as a platform to network and collaborate.

Become a member!

Poligon wants to empower younger generations, who became self-employed. If you’re isolated at home, you’ll find it is much more difficult to work or find new projects.

Thats why it is great for you to become a member for 95 Euro/month or check out other offers!

If you really want to embrace your value or meet other creative people, check out their page: Website