Municipality would like renovate the old building, revitalize the area and develop a new NGO, cultural and tourist centre at the place. Maternity hospital is a 3 store building, with app. 1.300 m2 and 8.300 m2 area around place, municipality would like to revitalize the building and the area.

Location: Postojna, Slovenia (45°46’34.8″N 14°12’39.4″E)

Sector: Real estate, tourism

Phase of the project: Conceptual Design Project – already done. Project for building permits will be finished in August 2018. Building permit – October 2018.

Description: The place generates many local people and have walking distance from the main residential part of the town. It is on the way to Postojna Cave and a lot of tourists walk by the place from the centre of the town to the Postojna Cave and the place has a lot of commercial potential. The idea of the project is to develop a new NGO, cultural, musical and tourist centre on the story of maternity hospital where all the important citizens of Postojna.
Phase: Characteristics and design of the e-car are defined, 3D models are prepared, most of the suppliers are known, costs of material and tools for production with production line is set. Also Materials for functional model of e-car is in ordering.

Investment vol.: 2.8 mio EUR

Type of investment: Buyer of the whole project/investor, private-public partnership private investor/investment fund
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