Do we need to educate our children about entrepreneurship?

in this era, entrepreneurship is being one of the sectors that play an important role in country development. Entrepreneurs will be innovative and creative to create a business and opportunities to support a country for growing disruptively. The opportunities for being an entrepreneur are huge, but unfortunately, we still not aware of these opportunities.

Based on these things, parents need to educate their children about entrepreneurship. As Mary Mazzio, an American film producer, said every single people has the responsibility to be an entrepreneur. Mary Mazzio has done several interviews with successful entrepreneurs such as Arthur Blank, co-founder The Home Depot, and Richard Branson, owner of Virgin Group. In her interviews, there is one this, Marry always remember that it’s important to educate our children for about entrepreneur so they will know entrepreneur earlier. As when we educate our children about the entrepreneur, actually we educate them to be more confident and creative because we try to trigger our children for being brave to interact with society and feel empathy for each other. Besides, we also educate them to think about others and being solution-oriented whenever they face their problem.

Child psychologist from Indonesia, Seto Mulyadi, said: “for developing our country, actually we need more entrepreneurs in our country and we can start by educating our children”. Seto Mulyadi explained that every single child who is being appreciated with their strength will be more confident and can develop their potential. For that, kids will be ready and brave enough for being an entrepreneur. The purpose of educate our children to give them a chance to grow to be creative individuals.

For parents, we can give our kids a chance to develop their leadership by letting them an in-school activity or other activities which able to shape their creativity.
Kids these days live in an era where they can have more access and chances and for that, they supposed to utilize those opportunities to start from their parents.