Doing business in Slovenia. How to grow fast with LSBC

We have already explored 9 reasons to invest in Slovenia and now we would dig deeper into the nitty-gritty of running a business in Slovenia. Creating a business company in Slovenia a great opportunity to enter the European market and enjoy the strategic position of this small country at the heart of Europe and Slovenian excellent road connection to the neighboring countries, supply chain, industrial clusters and high standards of accountability.

According to the international Doing Business index, Slovenia took the 40th place out of 190 with a score of 75.61 out of 100, leaving behind other European countries, like Italy (ranked 51) and Hungary (ranked 53). The best thing about doing business in Slovenia is ease of trading across borders (received the highest mark – 100) and the actual opening of the enterprise (92,88/100) while getting a bank credit might be not so easy (45 out of 100). Slovenia has a low tolerance to corruption, which is supported by the 36th position out of 180 in the Transparency International Corruption Perception Index.

Today, Strahinja Tirnanić will share first-hand experience about doing business in Slovenia and share behind-the-scenes information about launching his “Proman Consulting” Agency in the Slovenian market. He entered a new market in Slovenia starting from collaboration with the LSBC. LSBC has been working since 2012 and helps to establish the connections with existing and new small and medium-sized enterprises on the Slovenian market and employ networking opportunities for the faster growth of the business in Slovenia.

What is Proman Consulting about?

Proman Consulting is a consulting agency that offers a full package of management and marketing services for business enterprises. Proman helps to create the brands, develop marketing and PR campaigns, recruits and educates human resources, promote business in the social media, etc. It works to build and organize the new businesses as well as to improve and restructure existing ones. 

The name ‘Proman’ is from the abbreviated phrase “Professional Management”.

Why have you decided to enter a Slovenian market?

There were a few options like Portugal or Italy, but I chose Slovenia. Since I came from Serbia, which has common historical background with Slovenia and its were the one country in the past, I knew it was an advanced environment with excellent business culture and ambiance. I also assumed it would be easier because of the similarities between people. I came to Slovenia in the framework of the European Commission project  “Erasmus for young entrepreneurs” and spent 3 months in Ljubljana as a program director of the Luxembourg Slovenian Business Club. I have chosen LSBC as a host organization because they were offering a vast space of activities, new ways of working and leading, creative and intercultural environment. I was sure this would be a great challenge for me but also an excellent starting point for growth on Slovenian market. During this short time, our agency has established strong partnerships with four different organizations in the spheres of organizational managementmarketing, and the EU projects implementation.

What are the main benefits for your agency from entering the Slovenian market?

Just three months after the birth of the agency, we went to a foreign and completely unknown market and managed to gain so many business contacts, establish new partnerships and foster cooperation in the three EU projects. I consider these achievements as a great success for a beginner in business. All our achievements in Ljubljana, which we managed to accomplish in such a short period of time, are all about the used opportunities, long and continuous improvement of competences in the different fields and being active in establishing the new contacts with like-minded people. In addition, the chances were used in a very developed and very professional market, which was also an opportunity to gain new knowledge and experience. 

The greatest long-term benefit is the knowledge I have gained as well as numerous contacts. Of course, the partnerships and clients I have gained are a great success.

What was challenging during launching a new market?

The biggest challenge was to connect with successful business people and of course to stand out from the crowd and get a chance to show off all my skills. Thorough research, preparation, and planning led me to the information I needed. I have found events, companies and individuals that I can visit to establish the new contacts and try to prove myself.

What is the key to the success of your stay in Slovenia?

When I came to Ljubljana, my Strategy No.1 was networking. Visiting business events and networking with top professionals has led to a large number of connections and meetings, thus, my performance can be measured by high percentages. The Center for Career Development Banja Luka has been a big contributor to my activities, when the director recommended me to CEED Slovenia, which gathers the highest quality professionals, entrepreneurs and top managers of various companies in Slovenia.

All the partners and mentors I worked with during the 3 months in Ljubljana contributed a lot to the incredible growth and development of my agency and myself. In addition to Luxembourg’s Slovenian Business Club, I have gained cooperation with two other organizations and one company that operates globally as well as several individuals.

Of course, my performance in Slovenia was also contributed by partners from Serbia, primarily QPO soft, who developed the company’s website as well as SB creative studio, with which together we create visual solutions for us and our partners”.

Photo: CEED event, the Cankar Centre. On the left: Rok Koželj, marketing director of GEA College Ljubljana and Strahinja Tirnanić founder of Proman Consulting Serbia and advisor to the Board of LSBC. Photo credits: CEED