The first Bitcoin city arrives to Slovenia

The first Bitcoin city arrives in Slovenia

A shopping centre with 21 million visitors a year using the services offered by more than 4,000 companies with 10,000 different brands: Bitcoin City, the first city in Slovenia to accept cryptographic coins.

Around the world, territorial initiatives are multiplying, with the aim of enabling a large number of customers to use cryptographic coins on a large scale.

Firstly, Slovenia is a country with a total of just over two million inhabitants. Its location is strategic between Italy, Austria, Croatia, Hungary and its ecosystem of startups is growing.

Furthermore, the technologies have come so far that in Ljubljana, people see nothing unusual in spending a day at the Bitcoin City shopping centre; where all shops accept cryptographic currency and operate with block chain technology.

As a result, BTC City is the first shopping center to house cryptocurrency through EliPay technology launched by Eligma.

Eligma is defined as a complete platform for e-commerce. Comparator of product characteristics and prices of each of the products; personal advisor for purchases in e-commerce and shopping malls; platform for the direct sale of products among citizens. Due to the new platform, the cryptographic community can finally move money from bags and  also use it to make purchases of anything.

The EliPay payment system

Above all, the Elipay payment system consists of a mobile application for users and a POS solution for merchants. The application is now available for download from Google Play and App Store. It currently supports bitcoin, bitcoin cash and ether payments, and some ERC-20 tokens will be added in the future. To make a payment transaction, the consumer only needs to scan the QR code of the purchase at the checkout. After, he will have to confirm the transaction in the application. The indicated amount will be instantly subtracted from the consumer’s digital wallet.

Finally, there is no doubt that bitcoin will be one of the forms of payment of the future and in Slovenia it is already beginning to manifest itself in a patent way.