From Junior to Senior in One Year: Tetiana Shmyhal

This Friday we would like you to meet another of our Former Interns: Tetiana Shmyhal. She worked with us as a PR Intern and now, just after one year in Mercer, she is a Senior Specialist GBM Administrator.

1. What did you study at university and what is your current job? Main tasks?

I studied Management with a major in Marketing. After my bachelor’s, I decided to take a break from my studies and start to work. I did some internships and finally landed in my current position.

I am currently employed in an international consulting company, Mercer. I am a Senior Global Benefits Administrator.

I work in the department of Global Benefits Management, focusing on multinational clients. I manage their benefits and check their data, to control if there are any issues.

2. Which role did you have at LSBC?

I studied Marketing at university. When I entered LSBC I had just finished my bachelor and I was interested in getting an insight into how the marketing department of an NGO works. I wanted to expand my knowledge and experience, and this is why I chose to be a PR Intern there.

I am still very interested in the Marketing field, therefore in my current role at Mercer, I am also an ambassador of my company community, a similar role to a PR.

3. Which were your tasks at LSBC? Does your actual job have some similarities to these tasks?

I updated posts on SM, working towards creating content to expand our networks, doing interviews with members, writing emails to get in touch. I also met some members, posted website interviews, got to know their stories and projects they were working on.

4. How was your general impression of your experience at LSBC? How was working remotely? Was it different than working at an actual office?

Yes, it was very different. But I am always open to new experiences.

I am a person who likes to meet my colleagues. Therefore, for the first month, I worked at home, but in the second month, I moved to Slovenia and worked at a co-working space.

It was great because I could meet the other interns and also keep a balance with my personal life. When I worked at home, I could spend time with my family and friends.

This way of working helped me to build self-responsibility because I was the only responsible for my tasks and duties. I had freedom also to propose my ideas for SM and ads campaigns, adjustments to some projects.  This empowers me to do more and learn more than a common internship.

Plus, I could create a great network for my future, thanks to the international and open-minded environment.

Now, especially during these times, I realize how building your business network is important.

5.Which personal skills did you gain or improve at LSBC?

When you don’t have the experience, soft skills are very important. During LSBC internship I had the chance to develop a lot of these skills. E.g. communication skills, confidence in myself, and time management.

For sure, this experience helped me to achieve my current role. Thanks to LSBC, I had different job offers and I could choose which company joining. This is something you don’t have always, and it makes you feel very lucky and grateful when it happens.

6. What did you learn during your internship at LSBC that helped you to grow?

Flexibility is the most important. Especially, how you can adjust your communication skills when dealing with different people.

Plus, I learned that being open and asking for any doubt you may have is helpful. It is fine that you don’t know something and the best thing you can do is asking and keep learning through all your career.

I believe that these skills and my hard work gave me more chances and allowed me to get a promotion in my company just after one year.

7. Which is the main expertise of your company?

We are market leaders in employee benefits. We help multinational companies to manage their benefits across the globe. We are present in more than 70 countries.

8. Has this career always been your ultimate goal?

My role was kind of unexpected, but I am liking it. I am still working with administration and marketing, my main passions.

It has some similarities to my previous internships, especially to LSBC. The common feature is the international environment. Of course, the way of working is different. Alike all multinationals, my company has a more complex structure.

9. How is Mercer facing this crisis? Are you working remotely?

Yes, we have been working remotely since the first day of lockdown. It has been challenging to adapt to the new work environment but, thanks to my team and colleagues, we adapted to the “new normal”. Additionally, I am very pleased to see that Mercer has taken initiatives globally to support its employees during a pandemic and economic crisis.

About our workload, it remained the same. I can do my usual tasks also at home, without problems.

10. Will you choose to work remotely instead of an office job if you had a chance?

I would choose to have a balance. For me, social contact is very important, and I would like to keep having the chance to meet in person my colleagues.

Therefore, I would choose to alternate some weeks in the office, and some weeks at home.

11. Do you have some plans for your future?

Right now I am enjoying my current role, and I am open to whatever opportunities the future may hold. I am also considering doing a master’s, maybe in a different field of my bachelor’s. Since I would like to continue growing as an individual professionally as well as personally, I think learning diverse disciplines could reinforce my adaptability skills.

Thank you so much Tetiana for your time. We are very happy to hear about your success in your job and we wish you to keep going further.