Geothermal Power Plant and Natural CO2 Liquefaction Plant

In the municipality of Benedikt a borehole for the exploitation of geothermal energy has been explored. The max capacity of the borehole is ca. 50 l/s of water, which has a temperature of 80°C: when cooling 50 l / s of water with 80 ° C at 30 ° C, a heat transfer of 10,5 MW is obtained, when cooling 50 l / s of water from 80 ° C to 60 ° C, a heat transfer4,2 MW is obtained.

Location: Benedikt v Slov. goricah (46°36’26.5″N 15°53’24.1″E)

Sector: Energy, Remote heating, Technical Gases Production

Phase: Basic research and calculations has been made by University of Maribor.

Investment vol.: 8.9 mio EUR

Exp. Time ROI: 15.4 anually

Type of investment: Buyer of the whole project/investor, partial investor, strategic partner

Contact: Invest Podravje
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