How Business Can Take Action on Climate Change

Climate change is not only a huge threat for individuals but also for companies. Climate change has affected and will affect different business niches in the future. Several people have made fighting climate change a personal tenet, but at LSBC we agree that everyone should be involved from businesses and corporations to governments and non-profits to make a positive impact. The question that might be clinging on your head is probably where to start. You could approach it at a micro-level and move forward. Never feel your business is small and we’re not even close to making that much environmental impact. Here five ways business can take action on climate change

1. Create a culture of awareness and sensitivity

It is important to educate employees about the impact that each individual has on the environment. There are simple steps you can take to reduce environmental hazards and if you make sustainability part of your community, it will become moral ethics, both in and out of office. You can always take a quick timeout during your daily busy office schedule and communicate with teammates on environmental issues and it’s remedial. Employee participation in environmental awareness, energy conservation, and emissions mitigation will help improve workplace behavior, reduce excessive energy usage.        

2. Waste Management

The biggest problem we still face in the 21st century is Trash and byproducts. The whole world is working together to figure out a way to eliminate all waste, which is virtually impossible, but we can cut it down. Are you still using plastic bags or paper handouts? We spend hours discussing environmental issues but never wonder where the water bottle next to you goes and what impact it has on you directly or indirectly. Waste management also makes good economic sense as it reduces the costs of both purchasing and disposing of waste. Your small steps might encourage your neighboring businesses to follow your path.

3. Optimize Employees’ Mobility 

Transportation is, as we know, one of the main greenhouse gas emission fields. You can encourage your employees to take public transportation, by giving them discounts on public vehicles, companies can significantly reduce their indirect CO2 emissions. In addition to this, you can encourage your employees to use a bicycle for transportation. The Netherlands is paying people to cycle to work. We can start implementing these tactics in our own office. We may not bring a drastic impact at once, but our small steps might lead us to a bigger and brighter future.

4. Promote Environmentally Friendly Working Practices

The scope or remote working is growing rapidly. There are instances where remote working does not look practicable. However, some ways of working are more ecological than others. Instead of asking your employees to take a long drive on their vehicles, you might consider a video conference. Instead of keeping tabs of thousands of paper documents, you might consider asking technology help. I know technology does not solve the problem, but might reduce the problem to some extent.

5. Mobilize for the threat of Climate Change

Each and every organization and business corporation’s role is also political. If you really want to fight climate change, you might push your politicians and public figures to act on global warming, they can have a huge influence. These can lead to new environmental regulations, which can have a huge impact on global warming if a business is involved.

We all are concerned about climate change and its adverse effect. There is no denying you and your company is concerned about climate change, but what are you doing to make an impact? Share your thought on the comment section.