How to choose a co-working space?

When you are already familiar with what co-working space is, there arises one more question: How to choose a co-working space that will suit my needs? It’s not easy to choose one co-working space as each of them is offering something unique and there are opening new ones all the time. We have gathered some points to consider while choosing a co-working space.

1.Specify  your needs

One of the steps in choosing a co-working space is understanding your needs. What do you need from a co-working space? Do you look only for a nice place to get inspiration while working? These needs can be simple, for example, fast wi-fi, conferencing rooms, good-quality coffee, etc. This will depend on the goal you want to achieve in your work with the help of the co-working space. Make a list of your needs and search for the co-working spaces offering what you need.

2.What type of facilities are you looking for

Facilities that co-working space may offer are very important. Most of them offer basic facilities like accessible wi-fi, printing/scanning facilities, and meeting rooms. However, some are offering 24/7 access, baby caring, showers and so on. Depending on what your needs are you can choose the one most suitable for you.

3.Opt for an accessible location

Ease of commuting is important for everyone. you need to consider your goals in choosing an optimal location of co-working space. In case your goal is to have frequent meetups with potential partners/ clients then look for a place that is convenient to commute to for your partners and possibly will impress them. However, if you just work remotely look for a location that is more convenient for you.

4.Choose the appropriate atmosphere

Co-working space can increase your productivity and collaboration spirit. However, there are many factors affecting your inspiration. The vital role plays the temperature in the place you are working, whether you prefer to work in a warmer place or a cooler one. As well as, most of the co-working spaces are tailored to various types of professionals, technology, creative freelancers, start-ups, etc. Think about which company you will be more comfortable to work. Anyway, visiting the place is best for you to understand if it’s suitable for you.

5.Networking Events

One of the reasons you would like to become a member of a co-working space is an opportunity to attend a wide range of events offered there. However, those events may vary from one space to another as co-working spaces are tailored to various target groups. Thus, take a look at the calendar of events of the space you are interested in, so to know what to expect.

We also would like to share a great news with you! Soon in Berlin the new coworking space CISpace will be opened with the support of LSBC. Located in the business district of the German capital, CISpace targets the business audience and entrepreneurs as well as students, startupers and digital nomads. CISpace is planned as more than just a place of comfortable working. In the premises there will be a cafe with a variety of healthy food for your choice and a range of networking and educational events with invited experienced speakers from business. Follow us to know about the CISpace opening first!