How to improve engagement in your business’ instagram

Connecting to your audience

Instagram, whether you love it or hate it, there is no middle ground. Brands have an obligation to develop a good strategy. A strategy that allows them to connect with the large number of users who abandon social networks in favor of Instagram. But how is this done?

We talk a lot about Instagram, we all think it’s a simple social network, without a lot of fuss, which makes it so interesting. Getting started is very easy, publishing is very simple. However, when we talk about results, things change. When we work on strategies with brands in Instagram, get followers, get notoriety, is not as simple as it may seem a priori.

The emotional direct messages can make you grow in Instagram.

1. Use Hashtags

It is not about using 300 hashtags, use 2-3 hashtags chosen intelligently. Do not stop using them, if you want your brand to get visibility, the first way is this.

2. Be constant

When we talk about building communities, constancy is key. Try to post daily or at least once a week.

3. Frequency vs. volume

Keep an eye on the frequency of publication. Measure the changes the profile undergoes when you go from publishing 1 photo a week to 2, when you go from publishing 1 a day to 2, etc. Watch out with this, measure to make sure you’re not bothering your followers.

4. If you give, you receive

Also, one of the most effective tactics in Instagram is give them some like in their photos to “reactivate” them. Look at reactivation percentages: How many inactive followers have I given like? How many of these have returned to our profile to give like to a photo?