How to Manage Your Instagram Productively

By Viktoriia Dorofeieva & By Elif Çalışkan

The number of registered Instagram users is growing day by day. Everyone knows that Instagram has photos and likes. But! It’s not obvious how to manage your Instagram to attract subscribers and start earning.

Let’s start in order! How to allocate resources during the setup and development of the Instagram page:


The initial step is to find out what kind of user name you need to think up on Instagram. It should be noted that unlike other platforms, here you can easily change the initial data. However, some users prefer to use a true first and last name as a brand and confirm it later. 

People who do not care about the brand in the initials can easily manage fictitious surnames. Be serious about the development of the project, think about it in advance, but do not strain yourself too much. You can quickly change the name of your account when you feel that the process has gone and subscribers are arriving.

The title of the page shows the benefit – when you read, it is clear what you are getting and what kind of benefit or result.

Names are also recognizable and stand out from the crowd of new accounts. For instance:  

achievetheimpossible – achieve the impossible;

motivated.mindset – motivated mindset;

thinkgrowprosper – think grow prosper.

You want to follow them immediately because you already know that they will increase the value of life (for example, “motivated.mindset” encourages you to think carefully).


The basic requirement for a quality managing Instagram account is wonderful content regularly, at least once a day. This is part of why accounts have created such a strong brand and are constantly in the spotlight of people.

By choosing a blog niche on Instagram, you tell people who switch to you, what content they will receive by signing up for an account. It is important to be careful when choosing a niche. Change the subject, change the focus, and this will confuse the audience. 

Some bloggers start with a limitless category, such as a lifestyle blog, and then choose a narrow topic, such as traveling. 


The design you want to use as a logo must look stylish and match the logo on each publication. When the logos look clean and uncluttered, the icons catch the eye the first time you look at a page. Each time successful Instagram-bloggers used a simple background and created logos that sharply contrasted in color.

Statistics on Instagram

I think we’ve mentioned everything, but there’s one little detail left – statistics! It’ll help you choose your audience, choose the time for publication, and show the reach of your posts or stories! If you do not know how to turn it on, Instagram will help you with its guide.

Feed planning 

The right approach to planning publications is not of minor importance. As mentioned earlier, you can refer to the section “Statistics” to plan your publications in as much detail as possible. After all, it’s very important to preserve the effect of the presence on social networks to manage your Instagram account. Applications such as PreviewGarnyApphi will help you with that.


Stories are a special way to express oneself, to tell about urgent questions or events that have just happened. I mean, it’s a live broadcast of your news. You can use such programs for that StoryChicStoryMakerMoStoryStoryBeetMojoAnySticker to manage your Instagram account. 

Photo editing 

There are a lot of different useful programs for image processing based on different parameters such as color correction (LightroomSnapseedPitu), photo retrospective (Kuji1998 camNebi), adding stickers (PicsArtPicMonkeySnowMeitu), collage creation (PicColageJaneLine Csmera), adding text to a photo (AppForTypeFonts).  

Conscious Awareness

It is very important to provide conscious awareness and control while using the Instagram account. In April 2020, researchers have found that more than half of the global Instagram population worldwide is aged between 18-34 years. Teenage and adult users reported that they feel more confident, popular, and better about themselves on social media. They also feel less lonely, depressed, and anxious. However, social media can also have negative impacts if it is used unconsciously such as, people can delay their tasks, feel tired, and irritable also, they may become asocial due to spending a long time on it.

So, Dear Reader, make sure you’re not drowning in the daily routine of social networking. Enjoy every moment you share on Instagram!


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