Investment land plot Argolina

Excellent site for tourism and residential facilities

This is an excellent location with great development potential near the Izola Marina. The plot is located in the Izola district and is close to a road and a bicycle track that easily connect with the city centre.

It has commercial and tourist facilities, which make it a great local rhythm.

With 15,900 inhabitants, Izola is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Its historical character and nature are two of the main factors. It is also nearby are the Salina, Krass and Postojna National Parks.

Main characteristics

Offer: For sale
Indicative price: 8,860,000.00 €
Property category: Investment land plot Argolina
Address: Dantejeva ulica
Net floor area: 3,597.00 m²
Plot area: 23,703.00 m²
Plot number: 1335/17, 1335/18, 1335/2, 1335/3, 1335/7, 1335/8, 1335/11, 1335/12, 1335/13, 1335/14, 1335/15, 1335/16, 1336/0, 1337/0, 1338/0, 1342/0, 1344/0, 1345/1, 1345/2 vse K.O. 2626 – Izola




Phone: +386 14 29 34 79