Korona d.d.

Korona d.d. is a solution based company which focuses on solving complex problems, search for systemic solutions, supply equipment and ensure long-term stability and reliable operation of systems.

Our strength is in interdisciplinary work. By ourselves or with partners, we offer appropriate and extremely reliable product solutions for the entire electrical infrastructure, including installation, project management and maintenance services, by which we are able to achieve economic efficiency.

Continuous learning and tracking innovations allows us to implement the most complex projects with the use of the latest technologies.

We are incorporated in the international environment and we cooperate with partners from all over Europe.


Company: Korona d.d.
Address: Cesta v Mestni log 88A, SI – 1000, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Contact person: Boštjan Strmčnik
Phone/Fax: +386 128 035 00
Email: bostjan.strmcnik@korona.si
Webpage: http://www.korona.si/en/