An attractive transport location for the arrangement of a tourist location with a water environment surrounded by green unspoiled nature, with catering and accommodation, as well as outdoor sports and recreation in the immediate hinterland of the Croatian littoral, Trieste.

Location: Lake Mola: – Lake village, 6 km from the town of Ilirska Bistrica, coordinates 45° 32 ’43 “N 14 ° 11′ 46” E
– Glamping, 8 km from the city of Ilirska Bistrica, coordinates 45° 32′ 12″ N 14° 12′ 00″ E

Lake Klivnik, 8 km from the city of Ilirska Bistrica, coordinates 45° 33′ 10″ N 14° 10′ 25″E

Sector: Tourism

Phase of the project: Valid municipal spatial plan of the municipality of Ilirska Bistrica. Ownership: municipality, Republic of Slovenia and private persons. The municipality will help to obtain the necessary approvals and land.

Description: The LAKE VILLAGE is located by the main road Ilirska Bistrica-Podgrad, next to the Harije settlement and is designed for tourist and sports and recreational programs in all seasons. Activities in the complex and on the external surfaces will be carried out for tourists and the local population. It is necessary to arrange around 230 parking spaces for guests in bungalows and daily visitors, which are planned at the entrance to the tourist centre by the main road. There are also 24 mobile home stations and an information centre.

Investment vol.: 7 mio EUR (lake village – 5 million, lake glamping – 1.5 million, Klivnik – 0.5 million)

Type of investment: Buyer of the whole project/investor, private-public partnership private investor/investment fund
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