LSBC’s presence at 9th Cybersecurity breakfast hosted by Telindus

The security of applications must be thought through from the start, more precisely during the conception stage. What seems obvious to the automotive industry, is much less in terms of IT developments. Why?

he 9th Cybersecurity breakfast hosted by Telindus, tried to respond to this question and provide solutions. Here is a short summary of the exchanges.

Security flaws have always existed and will always exist. No solution can ensure the “zero defects” of an application. Is the battle lost in advance?

According to Gauthier Befahy (SCADEMY Secure Coding Academy Ltd), total protection is difficult to achieve and very expensive. However, 90% of the incidents come from known vulnerabilities and could be simple to avoid.

Unfortunately, we have noticed that IT developments rarely adopt methods of testing and upstream correction for various reasons. Actually, the almost non-existing pressure from users is one reason. Indeed, they tend to underestimate the risks that may represent security vulnerabilities in their applications. The fact to not store any sensitive data can engender a certain recklessness from the users. Wrongly, because even if the threat may be indirect and invisible, it is actually really present and diffuse. Cybercriminals who access our computers do not attack us directly but rather build “botnets” to carry out multiplied attacks for example. Cybersecurity has become a “societal” problem. By protecting ourselves individually, we are also protecting the community.


Photo Credit: Natasa Zajec

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