Mašun represents a tranquil tourist centre intended for hiking, cycling, admiring nature – Natura 2000, which is complemented by related programs. The existing guesthouse can be enlarged with the existing activity and outdoor garden.

Location: Mašun, 23 km from Ilirska Bistrica in the Snežnik mountain range and 62 km from Rijeka (sea), coordinates 45° 37′ 44″ N 14° 21′ 58″E

Sector: Tourism

Phase of the project: A detailed spatial plan for Mašun is under preparation – in the stage of obtaining opinions. Ownership of land – Republic of Slovenia. The municipality will help to obtain the necessary approvals. Professional bases in variable solutions are drawn up.

Investment vol.: 2 mio EUR

Type of investment: Buyer of the whole project/investor, private-public partnership private investor/investment fund

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