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pr1mo tours

pr1mo tours

We are seeking to establish a cooperation with partners who could help us to broaden our reach abroad and at the same time would like to expand the travel options they can offer their clients. In short, we are an inbound travel agency from Lake Bled in the Slovenian Alps with special focus in eco-tourism. We are constantly working on differentiate ourselves from the rest of the country’s tourism industry by paying attention to customers’ feedback and handling smaller groups rather than masses.

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Company A.s.K was established in 2012  and is specialized  in dangerous traffic  crossroads  with main world inovative product ” inteligent system for blind road sections” COPS@road (COllision Preventing Safety System). COPS system is a device which uses light signals to warn traffic participants of danger of collision or of approaching of unseen subjects in real time. Dangerous crossroads and unseen subject  are both hard for drivers to see in time because of blind road sections and therefore the device enables safer participation in traffic.

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Aarei Mreza LUX

AAREI – Mreža Nepremičnin d.o.o.

AAREI – Mreža Nepremičnin d.o.o. is among the most prominent Real Estate and investment consultancy companies in Slovenia. Mreža Nepremičnin d.o.o. is a Slovenian partner for AAREI network. AAREI is an international consortium of independent companies working in real estate and investment consulting in the Adriatic region.

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Agroind Vipava 1894 Vipava d.d.

The Vipava 1894 Winery represents both tradition and future, distinguished particularly by excellent quality, technological sophistication, knowledge and enological innovation and   introduces nowadays the contemporary trend of lighter wine flavours as expected and demanded by wine lovers in Slovenia and abroad.

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Analitica d.o.o.

Analitica is a company focused on expert analysis studies and development of software solutions in the field of finance, natural sciences and engineering. Our expertise in developing software solutions includes development and integration of complex information systems, as well as analysis and intelligent processing of large structured and unstructured data sources.

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aplast wp

Aplast d.o.o.

We are one of the leading companies engaged in the processing of plastic masses (rotomoulding) in Slovenia and its immediate vicinity (countries of the former Yugoslavia, Italy, Austria). We are actively penetrating the western markets and at the same time preserving the advantage held on the existing markets. We are successfully realising our strategic directions and following our mission and vision

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