Nasir Zubairi appointed CEO of the LHOFT

The Luxembourg government and its partners are pleased to announce the appointment of Nasir Zubairi as CEO of the Luxembourg House of Financial Technology (LHoFT).

The LHoFT is a new and exciting public-private sector initiative that will be dedicated to advancing Luxembourg’s fintech ambition. Its founding private sector partners are: BGL BNP Paribas, Clearstream (Deutsche Börse Group), BCEE, Deloitte, KPMG, POST Luxembourg, Six Payment Services, PwC, Société Générale and Telindus (Proximus Group). The other partners of the initiative are the Chamber of Commerce, the City of Luxembourg and the University of Luxembourg.

The LHoFT aims to foster innovation and develop solutions that shape the future of financial services. It will connect and create value for the entire Luxembourg fintech ecosystem; financial institutions, fintech trailblazers, IT industry, research and academia as well as the regulatory and public authorities. In his capacity as CEO, Nasir will spearhead the development and implementation of the LHoFT’s strategy by working together with key stakeholders from
Luxembourg’s financial community.

Pierre Gramegna, Minister of Finance for Luxembourg states, “Luxembourg is a leading financial centre in the European Union. As such, it is vital that we continue to drive innovation for the benefit of our local financial community as well as for the other financial centres we do business with.”

Mr Gramegna continues, “Fintech is critical to the evolution of financial services and thus merits a dedicated unit to manage its successful development in Luxembourg. I am very pleased that Nasir Zubairi will lead the LHoFT.”

Nasir Zubairi has worked in financial services for nearly 20 years within both traditional institutions such EBS, ICAP, RBS and HSBC, as well as fintech firms such as The Currency Cloud and the company builder, Finleap. He has hands-on experience across many areas of finance and of building fintech startups.


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