Slovenia and Slovakia leading robotic innovation in emerging Europe

Robots are coming…

Slovenia and Slovakia lead innovation in Central and Eastern Europe. Both countries used more robots than the European or US average per 10,000 workers in 2017.

144 in Slovenia and 155 in Slovakia. While the average in the United States is 91 and in Europe 106.

The automobile industry plays a very important role: Slovenia is the seventh country in the world in terms of the share of robots in the automobile industry.

Slovenia has played a crucial role in the development of European robotics, according to Invest Slovenia. The main actors of today’s robotics operate in Slovenia despite being a considerably small country.

In the not too distant future, robots will be present in other areas, such as security, logistics or agriculture but keep in mind that although success is measured by performance (and robots are good at it), much of the human value lies in our expert knowledge of our traditional skills such as emotional intelligence; cooperation and collaboration; conflict resolution and there, still artificial intelligence cannot compete.