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Comtrade Digital Services is a provider of strategic software engineering services and solutions. Through the understanding of the new roles in technology-savvy businesses, and with over 25 years of hands-on experience in numerous projects, Comtrade Digital Services enables companies across different industries to innovate faster and reinvent their business models digitally by using agile development methodologies, innovative technology and business acumen. We focus on global delivery and implementation in digital banking, mobility & travel, healthcare, logistics, public sector and telco. Comtrade Digital Services is part of Comtrade Group. It has over 1500 employees with 16 offices across the globe.

For more information, see www.comtradedigital.com



Netis is a Slovenian company that has been providing expertise in latest technologies worldwide for the last 17 years. We specialize in crypto-currency and blockchain technology development, consulting, mining and implementation of new applications based on this breakthrough technology. Our clients and partners share our strong belief that this technology will shape our future and they value the know-how, experience, comprehensive overview and quality of information we provide. Developed Crypto-currency exchanges, developed coins and tokens like Creditbit, custom phone-app wallets and managing mining farms only enhance our credibility and provide new way of surpassing the competition. We believe that we live in crucial historical time and that our clients will not miss the opportunity that future brings; we can guarantee you can be part of this successful future too.



Silver Bullet Risk enables users to have a comprehensive overview of all risks within their organization – weather operational, financial, strategic, business or project risk, based on one common denominator – money. The Management values this information daily at their decision-making process. Risk managers appreciate that they can perform their tasks up to 63% faster and provide management board, process owners, auditors and board of owners with useful information at any given time. Some of our clients (banks and government institutions) gave us feedback that process of compliance with various standards such as Basel, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 22301, ISO 31000 and other regulations which demand risk management, are done better, faster and with more added value. Our specialization and focus on Enterprise Risk Management in the financial, energy and government sectors enables us to know exactly the problems organizations usually face and solutions they need. Also, we can adapt our software and add custom modules so quickly that our clients believe that this is one of our greatest advantages. We will keep working on our vision, that with our software tool for enterprise risk management, that is used actively, we help organizations achieve better EBITDA, cut costs and enhance their resilience against catastrophic event that can lead to bankruptcy. We guarantee that we can do that also for you.




ProNewTech, LSBC partner from Luxembourg and ICT Green Award 2015 winner – ProMeeN was validated across 4 demonstration projects concerning renovation. ProNewTech is an engineering consultancy affiliated to FEDIL ICT and the « Ordre des Architectes et Ingénieurs » in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, competent and experienced in the fields of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and the “Green ICT”. ProNewTech develops concepts, launches tendering procedures and ensures the follow-up of projects in various ICT fields : IT, telephony, security and mobility.