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Introducing people behind the CISpace

Just right after the grandiose opening of the CISpace in the heart of Berlin, we would like to take a step back and recollect how the concept was born and developed. Meet here LSBC management, Iztok Petek who together with his son Anton Petek co-initiated the concept CISpace and masterminded the key elements of the project and Natasa Zajec, who contributed important insights, especially in marketing, PR and HR and also stands at the origins of the CISpace development.

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The story of Atol coworking: how a consulting company launched a cowor ...

Atol coworking was established in 2012 in Ljubljana by the Atol, an experienced consulting company offering management, sales and marketing solutions for the B2B sector. The coworking is cozily located in the business district of Ljubljana, near the BTC center. Proximity to the Ljubljana Ring Road offers easy transport connections with Ljubljana and other Slovenian cities.

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How to choose a co-working space?

When you are already familiar with what co-working space is, there arises one more question: How to choose a co-working space that will suit my needs? It’s not easy to choose one co-working space as each of them is offering something unique and there are opening new ones all the time. We have gathered some points to consider while choosing a co-working space.

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Dnevnik, May 2019

If you are interested in implementing remote work then the following article is for you.

LSBC was invited by Dnevnik, one of the leading Slovenian daily newspapers to share first-hand advice, a few facts and the idea behind CISpace, a chain of coworking spaces.

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