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ESIC does work for Slovenian jobs!

LSBC once again has co-organized a successful event! East Slovenia Investment Compass does a real work for protecting and creating new, high-quality job positions in Slovenia.

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Hidden Champions

Hidden champions in the modern world

Hidden champions are relatively small (often S&MEs), but worldwide successful market-leading companies,.which are not widely known to the public. Their prosperity is explained by niche and often..technological orientation, innovative culture,.customer-centered philosophy, commitment to excellence in their area of operations. In addition, the know-how and expertise of such companies are implicit. This provides for their unique nature of success and, respectively, name.

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An attractive transport location for the arrangement of a tourist location with a water environment surrounded by green unspoiled nature, with catering and accommodation, as well as outdoor sports and recreation in the immediate hinterland of the Croatian littoral, Trieste.

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Production of Corn Starch

Starch is one of the most important industrial products with a broad range of utilization areas. Processing capacity: 200,000 tons of corn annually.

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