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Story of a Digital Marketing Consultant: Maksym Turyanskyy

Today is the moment of introducing another of our former interns: Maksym Turyanskyy. He started his career as a Social Media intern at LSBC and now he is a Digital Marketing Consultant at Arrivalguides, A Lonely Planet Company.

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Storytelling: how to use the stories to develop your businesses

Storytelling as a mastery to tell the story is a new trendy tool for business marketing. Phycologists say stories evoke emotions from people, thus, the information is remembered for a longer time. Therefore, storytelling is a marketing tool that can help to create a company’s image, to raise interest from the buyer, and increase the efficiency of the marketing campaigns. In this article, we will discover the five ways to use the power of stories for your business. 

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Behind the construction of personal branding

Visibility in our company

visibility for your company. Any business school will tell us that marketing is the first step and one of the pillars of business strategy. >

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